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Speed Letter

29 May

i only have a few minutes to write, cuz this is a break between classes. i am in class all day. aaaaaallllllll day. but its good. i am really glad im here. the food here provides for horrible breath. i dont care if my heart is locked, i dont even want to live with myself.
ugh, i hate being rushed!
tomorrow we are going street contacting for 7 hours. i am sooooooo excited to go outside (normally they only let us out for half an hour a day) and to see some of BA.
um, what else? i love you! and dan and teenie and marsh!
today in class, we had an oral test, and my professor told me i was smart and said my accent was really good. i think i am speaking way good spanish for one weeks effort. its hard though. a lot of the words sound exactly the same but mean way different things. like, pero is but, perro is dog, and pelo is hair. and so on. um, what else?
i dont know. if people emial me, let them know that its really hit and miss as to whether i will receive it, and when. mail is a slower, surer bet.
my comp is leaving! i send you love! bye!


First e-mail!

25 May

hey, i am in argentina, and alive. and i cant do proper punctuation on these spanish keyboards yet. the flight was good, the hermana i flew with is nice… and thats a good thing, because it turns out we are two of the three sisters in the mtc. its small. the cafeteria looks like its set up for 60 péople, max. and its right behind the temple. i would send you pictures, but they are way strict about cameras. and we will actually get to go out and tract once a week, which is exciting. we traveled here in a group of 12, and the elders are, unsurprisingly, so far, a bunch of dorks. and i dont think i really like the mtc prez, he seems kind of crusty. but anyway, beunos aires is beautiful and hardly anybody speaks any english, so i should be learning it pretty fast. its definitely not 2nd world ghetto here, either. its as nice as australia or europe, which makes me kind of not want to care too much about washing my hands.
anyway, its great here, and im way, way way way way, way, glad i came. it feels right, the air is nice and humid, the trees have turned colors, and it smells like europe. i think im going to love this mission thing. ill let you know more next thursday, cuz thats my pday so i can check my email and stuff. oh, and of course they took our pictures right when we got off the bus. so my bangs looked sick. heres hoping somebody grants me shower priveleges soon.

i love you!!

20 May

Hermana Allison Roach was dropped off at the airport this morning, and is well on the way to the Argentina MTC.  We will miss her and wish her the best of luck as she takes this time to serve the Lord, and send our prayers with her.


K bye!

16 May

This is Allison, writing for herself, for the first and last time. This will be my mission blog, whereupon my family will be posting my letters and possibly some photos for y’all’s viewing pleasure. But this doesn’t mean I’m ok with you just looking at this and knowing what’s up with me and not writing me and letting me know what’s up with you, cuz that would be lame. Also if you write me, you’ll recieve personalized letters, which will be way cooler, I promise.

K bye!