Speed Letter

29 May

i only have a few minutes to write, cuz this is a break between classes. i am in class all day. aaaaaallllllll day. but its good. i am really glad im here. the food here provides for horrible breath. i dont care if my heart is locked, i dont even want to live with myself.
ugh, i hate being rushed!
tomorrow we are going street contacting for 7 hours. i am sooooooo excited to go outside (normally they only let us out for half an hour a day) and to see some of BA.
um, what else? i love you! and dan and teenie and marsh!
today in class, we had an oral test, and my professor told me i was smart and said my accent was really good. i think i am speaking way good spanish for one weeks effort. its hard though. a lot of the words sound exactly the same but mean way different things. like, pero is but, perro is dog, and pelo is hair. and so on. um, what else?
i dont know. if people emial me, let them know that its really hit and miss as to whether i will receive it, and when. mail is a slower, surer bet.
my comp is leaving! i send you love! bye!


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