Buenos Aires

4 Jun

i love you! and i miss you so much!
all i can say about the school thing is, palabra. which is WORD en español. this mission thing is definitely the same way. if i didnt know for sure that this is what the lord wants for me id have flown home at almost any cost. but i really am happy here. happier than ive been in a long time, maybe ever. which is weird, because i still hate cereal and not having coke or ice to chew on. or any privacy, ever, at all.
my companions are ok, the crazier one just talks a lot about stupid things, but i still havent wanted to punch her. praise the lord. but id still ditch them if i could.
dan took a girl on a date on a hike with a picnic in tow? wow. rad! thats a great date. i would be charmed out of my brains if a guy did that for me. i hope she was indeed charmed out of her brains.
we went tracting on saturday, and it was terrible.
apparently they sent us to the absolute most desolate, ghetto, dangerous part of argentina for our first jaunt at tracting. on the freeway on the way there, there were piles and piles of litter. like, entire flats and crates from trucks, broken up, in all of the medians. in the town, there were approximately 8 to 11 dogs for every person they saw. it was raining. we were on dirt roads. it was nearly impossible to differentiate between what was mud and dog crap. we stopped trying after about half an hour. it was freezing cold. i wore long underwear and wool tights and socks and boots and a sweater and a scarf and a rain coat, and i was still freezing. we were only out for five hours, and its fall here. i am going to die.
when we got people to talk to us, it was also a generally hopeless affair. all i could say was, we are missionaries from the lds church, and we want to share a message. god is our loving heavenly father, and the gospel blesses families. then i would look to my comps, and they would say everything they knew, and then the person would start talking at a billion miles an hour for a few minutes, until they stopped, and seeing the looks on our faces, said, you dont understand me, do you? then our deer in headlights faces would fade, and we would say, yeah, sorry, we dont understand or speak much spanish. can we sing a song?
so at least i can still sing. but not as well in spanish. but the spanish is coming alright… its just these conjugations that are paralyzing me. but ill get it eventually. or just talk like a caveman. whichever.
but yeah, i am freezing here, all the time. in class. in bed. which is, currently, my everywhere. i need more sweaters and wool tights, but im not going to ask you to send any, cuz at least while im in the mtc, all packages that get stuck in customs, which seems to be most packages, are pronounced dead or nonexistent by the mtc prez. he wont help you get them.
but yeah, tracting was hard. i can now understand why people warned me about getting discouraged. hopefully uruguay is nicer than that though. there was a stream in the town and it was full of old diapers and clothes and dog crap, and the water that ran through it was a horrible murky blueish white. it looked like a shantytown scene from one of those sponser a kid commercials.
but it did help me to start to regard the mtc as the ritz, as i sort of do now. the food isnt great, but its apparently a lot better and safer than what ill have in uruguay. and the water still smells bad, but at least somebody else double filtered it for me.
but im still bored and craving a brownie and a coke. oh well. hopefully there will still be coke when im out of the mtc. besides, it looks like coke will be safer to drink than water anyway. to combat boredom, within the bounds of what wont totally and completely freak my comps out, ive taken up riding the banisters on the staircases. which can be dangerous, cuz skirts are slippery.
so yeah. other than that, the sunsets and sunrises are beautiful. i now know that this is so because argentina is a very dirty and polluted country.
i love you! send everyone my love!
oh, ps… women here kiss eachother all the time. ive been kissed more here than well… yeah. lots of action.


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