11 Jun


spanish is coming alright, i guess, its just getting stressful. im technically on an ayuno de ingles ….english fast…. right now, which is all well and good except i think i only know like 150 words. so i talk like a really messed up toddler.

last weeks tracting experience was waaaaaayy better. the elders who usually work the last area we went to were apparently pissed when they found out theyd sent the sisters there, so this week, we went somewherre totally different. a normal suburb. it was really nice.

all of the houses were really unique and thoughtfully and artfully decorated. and these roads were paved. and in the same neighborhoods, there were all sorts of people from all different walks of life. youd see a huge brick mansion, and nextdoor, a tiny little stucco studio type hut. which is way different from the states.
but the richer people were a lot ruder. they usually just stared us down as we passed.

the only nice people we met were also crazy. they were also poor. or more likely just looked like it. it was this weird old packrat lady with tons of messed up decroded old stuff in her yard. we decided that even freaky people deserve the gospel, so we talked to her, and she of course, invited us in to her dog pee soaked abode. she blathered for 20 minutes about how she is catholic and doesnt believe in god, until her husband, who i thought would save us came in, and kept us there for another 45 minutes about how he is a member of the church. we told him seven times we didnt understand him. finally i figured out how to tell him we needed to leave. i got to practice it ten more times. finally we sort of just walked out. so no baptisms just yet.

we got a new roomate, a latina sister from peru. i swear, she is 4 feet 5 inches tall. no joke. but shes real sweet, and she is helping out with my spanish a lot.

uh, what else?

I dunno. i have 6 more weeks here. its going by pretty fast, but i still wouldnt mind if time sped up a little more, so i can spend more of my time actually helping real people who wont freak out when i say darnit, crap, or drink a coke. besides my companions, who i can ignore.

other than that, i would love to recieve letters from friends. cuz i have more than half an hour to read and respond to them. and i miss you all a lot.

i love you all! bye!


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