More MTC Fun

18 Jun

im a little bummed marsh doesnt have swine flu, but thats probably for the best. tell dan to keep on trucking, and im glad hes doing well. tell christine to explain herself for not answering my questions about her engagement. oh, and no pics at least while im here. i cant upload them anywhere.

its been a looooonng week here in the mtc. i realized that im just over the halfway mark, which actually makes it harder to want to stay.

we went tracting again, and went to a very rich neighborhood indeed. my comps at first got all grumpy and assumed everyone would be mean. which they sort of were at first. then after lunch, my comps got over it, and we finally started talking to people, and the people were great. i understood them so much better, and we ended up giving away a BOM and 18 pamphlets, and making 4 appointments to come back this week. it was so cool. so exciting. its so great to talk to real people with real problems and bring a little joy into their lives.
oh, and we accidentally tracked into a brothel. it was a tender mercy of the lord that i got to see my poor little companions faces. i laughed hard for quite a while.
the peruvian hna is the cutest thing ever. she, among with all of the latin sisters, is really sweet and patient with our low comprension. and she has tattoos. and shes like, 4 nothing feet tall. i quite like her. even though she accidentally blew up my power converter.
oh, and the week was also made hard by the new information i got. apparently a large pecentage of the men in uruguay are chauvenistic… you know whats…. and its normal there. so itll be hard for me to get married female investigators to go to church, if their husbands would rather have them making them dinner. oh, and its going to be like, rinky dink tiny little country nowhere towns. thats real exciting.
i took a shower this morning, and when i turned the faucet on, it came out smelling faintly of a mixture of sulfur and sewage. and i of course got in anyway, cuz thats kind of normal here. and this is cleaner, better water than the rest of argentina.
oh, and i think i have already gained a couple of pounds, and im probably looking forward to more, cuz we are in class ten hours a day every day, and when they feed us, they feed us greasy fatty sausage and other meats with mayonnaise on top. this place is a wonderland for my cholesterol.
i almost talked the mtc presidents wife into letting me ship out early last night, cuz im getting to be really over the mtc. i know i should appreciate having free, safe to eat, pre bleach bathed, non parasidic fruit to eat, but…. in a classroom with six 19 year olds for 12 hours a day every day of the week? that was ok for the first three weeks. but i think every week theyre getting a little stupider. the ignorant sexist remarks have been one thing… but telling me that my art major is unsubstantial or, in their words, fluffy,….? oh man. oh no you didnt.
but im not shipping out early, because that would be foolish, cuz i still cant even understand the spanish scriptures when i read them. id be doomed out there.
the elders did redeem themselves a little though, by making me laugh so hard i cried in class yesterday. 2 of them play pranks on eachother all the time, most of them only kind of funny, but definitely better than watching conjugation exercises. one was sitting in front of the other. i saw the one behind get that look in his eye, and toss his pen cap in front of the one in front. he asked him to get it.
as he leaned forward, elder behind dumped water on his chair to make it look like elder in front had wet himself. and it was just amazing. and my comp and i laughed til we cried.
it might not have been that funny if i were being a normal person right now, but im not and im in the mtc and its boring as hell here.
oh, and my no swearing streak only lasted for 25 days. i accidentally said helluva lot to my crazy comp. haha. oops. oh well.
ok bye!


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