25 Jun

mom! im glad you like my letters. i like to write them. you are the only person i get to talk to without discretion. i said ´pissed´in class last week, and everyone gasped then lectured me. this place is endlessly weird.
i was all kinds of excited for our appointments last saturday, but the prez changed our areas again, so we didnt get to see them through. we gave the info to the elders that had been assigned our area, and all of the appointments stood them up anyway.
then it was cold and rainy and we were all a little cross, but it wasnt all bad. we talked to a few people, and i am amazed at how much better my spanish is every week. i guess i should be pissed if i werent seeing drastic improvement, seeing as studying spanish is all ive been doing 24/7 for over a month now, but its still cool.
my spanish abilities were tested even more when practically all of the people told us tragic stories and asked us really hard questions. like this one guy we were talking to, he said he didnt believe in god, and when we asked him why, he raised his mangled right hand that was missing three fingers, and said, ´accident´. and another guy who said something similar, and showed us a picture of his dead cop son on his cell phone. it was like that all day.
but i learned a lot, so it was still good, i guess.
other than that, i am still bored, and i have a love/hate relationship with the elders. like a big sister. sometimes they are cute and sweet and well behaved upright young men… and other times, they are antsy, ignorant, uppity little snots.
oh, and good news. i am not gaining weight anymore. because im not eating the greasy sausage with mayo on top anymore. im eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and salads. and offending the chef a little bit… but… oh well.
and bad news. i asked some of the latina sisters about the food, and i was informed that the food here is better, fresher, and less greasy than the rest of the food in argentina and likely uruguay. apparently, local pizza is covered in cheese, and for a flourish, they pour oil on top. more oil on top of the pizza. color me stoked.
and we were given instructions on how to get parasite removal pills before we go home in a year and a half. color me all kinds of stoked.
but yeah, other than that, i have hit the halfway mark and i am really bored.
that charge you saw on my card last week was when i went to distribution and treated myself with the prettiest little red leather spanish bible. i got my hermana name engraved on it. i love it… even if the joseph smith translation is coming out soon.
it is a little rad though to be stuck somewhere with few enough interesting things to look at to get me more interested in really deeply studying the scriptures. i love the topical guide. i bounce around researching different topic for hours on end in class sometimes.
but yeah, not much else to say. but i love you and i miss you!


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