2 Jul

this week has been way better than the past few for a few reasons.

my crazy third comp got shipped out to her mission. finally. she was a sexist, self oppressing freak. ok, thats a little harsh, but not entirely untrue. she talked like, non stop. about silly things. anyway, its a relief to have her gone. once she left, we got a new third comp. that cool really short preuvian girl. and she didnt speak a lick of english, but in my struggling spanish, we became good friends. she used to work in the premeire hair salon in lima. she taught me a lot, and make me a lot more comfortable speaking the spanish i know. it was fun. in talking to her, if i didnt know a word, i would just say the english most latin based equivalent i could think of in a spanish accent, and probably eighty percent of the time, it worked.
we went tracting with her, and it was really cool. not only just because we were tracting… i look forward to proselitismo days like i used to look forward to christmas. i can barely sleep the night before. the place we went to was cool too. it was poor almost like unto our first area, but much more charming. the sun was out, the houses were nice, the wild dogs in packs seemed friendlier, people were blasting music, there were neat little shops… it kind of reminded me a little of mexico. it was festive in its own way.
anyway, with a native speaker, it was rad. i barely said anything, cuz they talked super fast and i couldnt quite keep up, but it was so interesting to watch how the locals interacted with her vs. us. they were a little more short with her at first, but that little hna t was a powerhouse in heels on those trash littered dirt roads. when people would tell her no, she was stern, and got them to listen, like a parent would to a kid. and they really did listen. and she had answers for everything. so we just followed her around in awe.
the other best thing about her is that she found me a place to buy a brownie and a coke. and i died and went to heaven then and there. it was a wonderful, inspiring mission experience.
then i braved my first local, non church building toilet. ohmygoodness. it was miracle number two when my comp happened to have a little travel roll of toilet paper. something i had scoffed before upon seeing them in target stores in orem.
but now i could not be more grateful for the existence of such a thing.
on the topic of second world toilets, the one in the mtc is not much better, except it flushes and there is a roll of paper. all of the plumbing is exposed, which means our bathroom usually smells slightly nicer than an outhouse on a, granted, cold day.
but then we came back from class to find an air freshner, and i fell to my knees and praised glade. and the custodian. who is a funny guy, now that i understand his spanish.
and all of my english writing is reading more like scripture, and i wonder sometimes if im bordering on sacrelige. oh well. that is all i read in english now.
and the spanish is going really well. i can now, almost, express myself. slowly but surely, i can.
we got new missionaries when the old group left, and we got a bunch more n american hnas. which should be fun.
and we got the shortest latin elder EVER. he is the proportions of a 7 year old, no joke. he must have some sort of growth hormone deficiency. but hes a way cool guy.

oh, and can you pass along a thanks to grandma and grandpa roach for the card they sent? and thank grm m for the sewing kit? i used it and it was dandy.

so yeah. 3 weeks left. the elders have been behaving better, which is nice… but ill still be all kinds of happy to get out of here and on to my real mission.

i love you! i miss you! i pray for yall a lot!

oh, and post on my blog that if anybody wants to write me in the mtc, they had better send it along in the next week, or i might not get it ever. ok bye!


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