5 More Days

16 Jul

5 days. i have five more days in spirit prison.

and then im going out into the real mission field to be a real missionary, and i am scared shiz-less. (i have become incredibly fond of book of mormon referenced jokes. it was inevitably what was to become of me.)

but yeah, without proseliting, there isnt too much to write about. i have 5 more days of eating cereal. 5 more days of ten hours of class. five more days of easily procured fresh water. so its a little bitter sweet. 5 more days of being around people who at very least, if they dont speak english, are sympathetic with my bad spanish.

one of the teachers here just got a new cell phone that takes good videos. so my teacher thought it would be rad to videotape us in one of our practice lessons. on viewing, i was happily surprised. not only because i did not look like i have gained weight in here, but because my accent, and my spanish, i thought, was pretty good.

then the teacher replayed the video and paused it to correct me on my every grammatical folly. we paused roughly every 15 seconds. i speak like an utter and complete caveman. this spanish grammar is whack.
and i am now completely aware of my impending doom in… five days.
oh well. the elders were just as bad as me. but my companion is, apparently, a genius.

so yeah. our travel plans are as follows… we fly to uruguay at 4 in the morning on tuesday. i keep praying that mi nuevo compañera will not be a dork. that is all i am asking… just not a dork, por favor.

oh, and i speak a full on spanglish like, all the time now.

so yeah, all we do anymore is practice teaching ten hours a day. and it gets sooooo old and boring. all of my investigators already have a sort of uncanny knowlege of the gospel. i try to keep it real, and i am now known as the meanest investigator in the mtc. they say if they can baptize me, they are allowed to ship out early.
all i ask are simple things like, ´so if the bom is a testament of america, are there ones about africa and asia too? god loves the people there too, right?´ poor elders. at least it makes it a little more interesting, right?

oh, and we had our group picture taken. i look kind of weird, but my comp looks nice. mostly cuz she is nice.

but yeah, other that, we try hard to keep it interesting around here. the elders have taken up magic tricks, and hassling our teachers about their love lives, which is usually pretty funny. our night teacher, hna P for internets sake, is super sweet and shy and its real easy to make her blush. she never speaks her mind. at least, not til the night one of the elders tried to give her dating advice. he was relentless until she finally said, … youre going to try to give me advice? in an incredulous tone.

but yeah. i have grown to love the elders. they are my new favorite little brothers.

uuh… so the stuff i want? i dont even know where it is. but for now, all i need is…

a new power converter, likeunto the one that exploded.
another indestructable missionary mall skirt, brand wall st, black, size xl (the l rides up and and yeah. i havent gained weight. i just want to fit leggings, five pairs, comfortably underneath) the white blouse i left in your closet, i think, and some sort of perfume with which i might smell better than my shower water (not required) another little moleskine journal, lined peferred.

oh, and, ellen and all of my stylish friends will gasp, but…

a jody dress. like those indestructable flowery mr mac or dillards or mish mall dresses. dont hate. it is going to be hot. i dont have to look hot to save souls. dont hate.  try to find one that isnt suuuuuper ugly. i will get you shipping info when i know what will be up with that.

say hi to everyone for me! and grats to david and his wife!


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