Artigas, Uruguay

23 Jul

1, i am here, in uruguay, in artigas, up at the border of brazil, and i just finished my first day as a real missionary with less than 3 hours of sleep last night. i havent really gotten to sleep in a few days. whatev. a couple of things, before i forget, i need american stamps, and lots of them, with which i can mail my friends snail style, cuz i can no longer sneak about myldsmail. so if they wanna write me, they can use the urugoest gmail account and they will print it and send it to me and i will snail back. lame, i know. so mom, can you send me a ton of us stamps via pouch?

dont bother with the interweb on the jody dress. i still have a month and a half of cold. and it is pretty cold here, but not super windy, at least. well, it was way cold and windy and rainy in montevideo, but up here its a little more mild. and dont sweat about the power converters either, i think i am aaaight.

man, this is the freaking twilight zone, and i am probably nigh unto completely incoherent right now. but yeah.

we flew out of beunos aires tuesday morning, and we had to get up at three. i didnt get to sleep at all that night, cuz i was so completely stoked out of my brains to be getting out of spirit prison. then we traveled, and the mish prez took us to the beach in montevideo to take a picture of us. it was like stepping into heaven. there was a fresh breeze, flowers, i was not in argentina… then the prez and his wife are amazing and they fed us potato soup and brownies, which is the best food id had since i left salt lake, and we went to a session in the temple… and it was way hard to stay awake, trying to get through it in spanish.

then we were in meetings, and had to fast the next day til noon to have a health check to live in uruguay, wherin i was treated likeunto a horse. they dead seriously checked my teeth.

and then we had lunch and met our trainers, and my prayers were answered. she is not a dork. she likes sufjan stevens, my instrumental bjork, and knew where i could find herbal tea.

we had to wait 6 hours in the mission office to get on our nightbus for the 8 hour ride to artigas. we arrived at like, 6 in the morning, and i of course, didnt sleep more than 3 hours. then we got dressed and studied and started our day.

but its been good. i kind of freaked out a bit cuz i realized how long im going to be here and how horrible the food is… and it is like, horrible. and `people looooove to feed us. its just greasy, greasy, meat, potatos, sloppy cabbage and broccoli and carrots smothered in mayonnaise… even the cake here is like, flour and oil. it was way rough to pretend to enjoy it. i hereby aspire to lose my senses of taste and smell. my trainer said shes gained 20 pounds being here for 4 transfers. greeeeeaaaat. i get to eat things i dont like and gain weight. color me stoked.

but it has been amazing teaching real lessons, and everybody here has been super nice, and its really awesome that we have so many investigators to teach. and i understood probably 95 percent of everything everyone said today… i think i did anyway…. and if i did, thats a miracle.

so yeah. we have to go to another cita. i am safe, and well. and even with the food, this is waaaaaay better than spirit prison, and for that, i am grateful.

i love you, mom! please still try to write me, friends! i love you rest of family!

oh, and my new p day is monday. friends, write me on sundays for me to receive gmail emails most promptly. to those of you you have myldsmailed me, you will get a response in full.

ps.. the prez has no rules against my cool music and coke. god really does love me.


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