17 Aug

Today i am writing my letter in Word, and will cut and paste it for you, just to be sure. But this Spanish word is changing all of my spellings for me.

Among my latest 2nd world pleasures I have enjoyed,
The lady who washes our laundry washed my clothing in what must have been vinegar, so I am smelling divine, and our scary electric shower head started smoking and almost burst into flame while I was in it, and now, out of fear, we are showering every morning in ice cold water. Which is ok, after day 4. we have a Califone to install, but we are never home enough to get it done. So I just sing songs, and think about all the when I was a kid stories ill have to guilt trip my grandchildren.

Also, I was pleasured with the opportunity to enjoy two heaping helpings of lukewarm pig stomach at a members house. I feel so bad… I doubt I am that good at not revealing my thoughts on my face. My thoughts being… ´oh man, I cannot believe I am eating this… stop thinking about it, oh man, I cant wait to write home… this is PIG STOMACH… am I going to die? Stop thinking, stop thinking, oh crap, smile at the hostess, ….seconds? no, I can´t… oh, no isn’t the right answer… yes please. Su comida is ricissimo, gracias´.
Man. My top ten most hated foods list has been drastically revised in my short 4 something weeks in Uruguay.

So, my comp is pretty creative, and her mom sent her clay. We used it in a lesson with a young family. The game was to make something from the gospel and we all had to guess what it was. Before I knew it, I had spaced out and made a horrifying abstract blue and red berry thing that looked like a human heart. My companions face went white and said, ´hermana! What is that?´harshly under her breath. Oops. I tried to play it off in broken Spanish. It was a lesson fail.

Oh, and we had my first baptism! Her name is leidy. And she is sixteen, and super cool. The baptism service was really nice. And weve met some super cool investigators, which is hard to do, cuz we spend most of our time teaching less actives. I think 80 percent of the population here was baptized at some point. Our ward has 600 less actives.

Oh, and it did warm up. I am officially not a fan of Uruguayan weather. It goes from freezing to hot, sometimes in the same day. Theres no comfortable, except from 9 to 10 in the morning on hot days, which is actually quite pleasant. We open the window to our room and study and I almost feel like I am on vacation. Just kicking back with bare feet and reading the liahona.
But yeah. I am going to die here this summer. Its reaaaaaaaaallllyyy unpleasant when its hot. The sun just soaks all of the energy out of you. I hope you sent me a jody dress. I wish I could just go out in my underwear.

Thanks for sending the package though! Just fyi, everything for my whole mission should be sent to the mission home.

On the topic of mail, I should love to clarify a few things, and make a desperate plea to all of my friends-
Um, ok. So all mail, including gmails, goes to the mission home first. I receive things on Tuesdays, but am unable to write back until the following Monday, and unable to send things til the Tuesday thereafter. So it’s a super slow turnaround. to speak to me within a week, gmail is best. To send me cards and such, the pouch is best, and to send me heavier letters with lots of pictures or whatever, normal mail to mission home is best.

And now my plea- please just write me anything, anything, anything in a gmail. Copy and paste things from websites. I don’t even care. I am limited to English speaking social contact with one person every day of the week except for mondays. Please help a sister out. I miss you all a lot, and would love to hear how things are shaking. I promise to respond! But please don’t just wait for a response. I want rapid fire nonsense, if possible. I wish I had time to talk to everybody a lot.

So yeah. I have no more pride. Uruguay has relieved me of that. I cant talk, I look feo in mission clothes and sweat… it’s a great life.

But I do like it here a lot sometimes. People here paint their houses cool colors, and there are chickens in peoples kitchens and super illegal fireworks and cows in peoples front yards.

And, of course, the south American sky is still beautiful.

To siblings,

I love you and I will write back soon!

To mom,

I love you more!

To grandparents, happy birthday grandma and I love you guys!


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