24 Aug

oh boy,

this was a long week. a loooooonng week. lots of things went wrong. we had a lot of problems in the ward with people offending eachother over petty things like the wearing of skirts, which is hard for a lot of new members and invests to do cuz the culture here, women dont really own skirts, nor do they have the funds to buy them.

then we finally, finally, finally had our baptism of hernan. that kid is rad. i am not going to send pictures because in this lifestyle and in these clothes, i look horrible, horrible, horrible in all but five pictures people have taken of me, and therefore nobody is going to see them. but anyway, we had like a million things go wrong and the family was running late to get there and he almost missed his baptism, but now he is baptised, so its all good. good and over.

the hermanas in salto had a run in with a naked man gesturing at him with his special parts last week, and the senior companion, mostly cuz she was fed up, maced him in the face.

the best part? one of the girls is my comp from the mtc, and theyre being transferred here to share our ward with us. i am reaaaaallly excited to go on splits. and wander around deep in the campo, cuz our area changed a bit and it now includes places mostly inhabited by cows.

we ran out of money cuz we had to pay to fix our shower and i got a cough and had to buy medicine for it. i wasnt sick, its just that people burn their trash all over the place here and the air quality is so bad i cant breathe super well, and it got bad enough that i was coughing a lot. but dont worry, my landlord immediately recognized what was going on, and ordered my medicine for me. apparently they know the air here is terrible and sell cough syrup for it. and the cough syrup tastes better than most of the food here.

we had a family home evening with a cool less active family last week, and i accidentally smashed my finger reaaaaally hard between the seat of my chair and another part of it. i then had to try to explain in spanish why i had screamed, and what i had done. the nail is purple now. they rubbed weird medicine all over it, mostly cuz i didnt know how to ask them what they were doing, or tell them to stop.

last week, my comp and i were crossing the street to go to a meeting. we noticed there was a parade of police officers coming, so she yelled at me to run. i ran, and at the curb i tripped and fell on my face in front of the entire parade. then i laid there for a moment, cuz i fell like, super hard, and a couple of old men ran toward me yelling, elder! elder! are you alright? here is my hand. i have to help you up. i must help you up.

falling down is one of the steps to becoming a real missionary in this mission. i have become a real missionary of legendary proportions.

other than that, i feel like i have become a garbage disposal. people just throw gross food at me, and take joy in watching me eat it. i take no pleasure in consumption anymore, excluding the torta of one family, the empanadas de tina, coke, and oatmeal. and certain varieties of dulce de leche.

and yeah. tranfers are next week so who knows where i will be when you hear from me next.

i am glad to hear teenie is doing better, that dan is the coolest kid in town, and that marshall is keeping busy on dads new house in seattle. and of course i am glad to hear you are well too.

ps, its a little early to talk about this yet, but i come home december tenth of next year. so mark your calendar and postpone thanksgiving next year. i love you and i miss you a lot, mom. i miss your food too. hell, i miss food.

you know those water bottle advertisements with the silhouettes of bodies with the diagram of the amount of water your body is? like, your body is seventy percent water things, where the body is filled with water 70 percent like a cup of water?

i feel like my personal diagram has 50 percent water and 20 percent vegetable oil floating on top.

oh, and i can finally tell the difference when people are speaking portugese at me instead of spanish!


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