1 Sep

aaauggh! i just deleted my beautiful long email again.

we have transfers this week, which is means p day is today instead of yesterday.

um, lets see. i am glad dan liked that story. the church issues all of the hermanas mace… but i havent gotten mine yet. i want it soon though, cuz,… i am going to salto. the area right next to where the other hermanas got maced. i am going to be flashed and have rocks thrown at me. yeah!

and my new companion? latina. from paraguay. likely does not speak a lick of english. which means i have the opportunity to get really good at spanish really fast, or die.

it was super hot this week. people here love the novelty of watching a white girl change colors in the sun. i prayed for rain, and we received la tormenta de santa maria. a cyclone. we saw some crazy lightening.

yesterday one of our investigators dogs followed us around for a little while. then a long while. he followed us for miles, to the other side of town. then the storm hit and we hid, along with the dog, in a members house. we named the dog krooky, then walked it home after the lightening storm let up.

i learned a word this week. araña. which means spider. i should probably have looked up tarantula, but i was a little panicked in the situation. during studies, i looked over to where we keep our shoes. there i saw something of such stature and grandeur as i had only previously ever seen in a cage in an elementary school. i grabbed my dictionary and ran to our landlords screaming, ¡araña! ¡araña!!!the landlady came to kill it with a broom. then i cleaned it up with toilet paper.

i almost got bit by two she dogs twice this week.

our other hermanas have discovered, by means of a police bust, that their landlords are raising cockfighting roosters in their yard. yes, its illegal in urugay, too.

i havent gotten your packages or stamps yet, but i have been told that they should be coming this week. i am very excited to receive them, thank you.

and i dont know what pictures you have seen, but if they arent super ugly, feel free to post them. i am having a hard time figuring out sending pictures, but i have been taking them. when i figure it out, youll see them. if you find the one of us at the beach when i am in my brown shirt, post it. i saw it for like 3 seconds, and i like it.

oh, and we went to brasil. it is pretty much the same as artigas, but they sell bacon flavored microwave popcorn, guaraña, and flip flops there.

so yeah. love you! miss you!


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