Salto, Uruguay

7 Sep

i spent my last night in artigas with my trainer running through the middle of a field in a thunderstorm with heavy winds, rain and lightening. it was terrifying, especially because i am 8 inches taller than her, and was therefore at higher risk. i now feel all kinds of hard core.

i got to salto after a 3 hour bus ride ALONE. yes, alone. i put my speakers up against my ear and listened to my favorite wierd music that freaks companions out. it was wonderful, just me, wierd music, and the countryside for three hours. i felt like a normal person again.

and salto? i like it here a lot. its kind of like a more european seattle gone 2nd world. but its a lot nicer and cleaner than artigas was. no dog jaw bones in the streets. instead, there are smashed toads. tons of them. huge ones. if i were a ten year old boy, i would think this was the coolest place in the world. its really green here. and the spanish here is WAAAYY easier to understand. it sounds nice and clean and clear compared to the portunol i was dealing with in artigas.
and i officially believe in miracles. i do not know how or why, but i can talk to my companion. she doesnt know a lick of english, but we havent had problems at all. we actually have a lot of fun. i havent spoken english in five days now, and i, for the most part, feel fine about that. sometimes i notice that i am conversing in spanish while im doing it and i sort of get weirded out at the idea that im bilingual. i mean, theres still a ton i dont understand, but i can get by and make sense to people. i never imagined myself speaking spanish and making a lick of sense. its cool. part of it, i think, is cuz i have always liked to play taboo. so i do a lot of talking around words to make up for my lack of vocabulary. but the dictionary is a really dandy help.

my only problem with my companion is her music. she loves efy music, and all other varieties of lds soft rock. i try to be nice about it, i really do, but after hour 2 of day one, i nearly had a nervous breakdown. i will never, ever have a place in my heart for efy music.

i think this is going to be my trail for the change. turns out the nicest member family who loves the missionaries thinks theyre doing all kinds of favors for us by playing the best two years soundtrack really loud every time we come over. also their house smells like mcdonalds cheeseburgers, which is really weird for uruguay, and definitely unpleasant. i nearly had nervous breakdown number 2 last night when the mother was telling me a lengthy story about her extended family in slurred spanish, yelling over the best two years song at the end of our day.

i am surrounded by people who dont speak english and love the worst kind of music from the states. que ironico. how painfully ironic.

we spent our first day here trying to explore the area, cuz we are both new to it, and we ended up wandering around lost in the rain for 3 hours.

uh, what else? the lady who did our laundry in artigas, i just discovered, stole half of my underwear. i cant imagine why, exactly, she found my underwear desirable… but there we are. i might need for you to send me some more underwear. and burts bees chapstick.

oh, i think i also had a spider bite last week. it was huge and burned and ached for days, but i think its gone now.

and now i am out of time. i am glad to hear youre doing well. try to gimme marshalls mailing address if you can. i love you and i miss you!


One Response to “Salto, Uruguay”

  1. Aunt Kandee September 10, 2009 at 1:17 am #

    Sister Roach,

    Sounds like you are having an experience of a life time! I hope to serve a mission in my senior years.
    We have gotten a new cd at the bookstore that I think of you everytime I hear it. I would like to send it to you if you have the ability to play cd/music? It is called ‘nearer’ “a new collection of favorite hymns”. It has what I think is a fabulous folk/hippy twist on some of my favorite hymns and I want to share them with YOU!

    List of Hymns:
    Nearer, My God, To Thee
    I Need They Every Hour
    Lead, Kindly Light
    Be Still, My Soul
    How Great Thou Art
    Come Come Ye Saints
    Onward, Christian Soldiers
    God Be With You Till We Meet Again
    All Creatures of Our God and King
    It is Well With My Soul
    More Holiness Give Me
    A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

    Let me know and please send me an address if you have a cd player and your mission president says thumbs up 🙂

    Lots of Love and Happy Thoughts,
    Aunt Kandee

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