14 Sep

i am really loving salto. at first the ward was ice cold cuz there have been some hooorrriible missionaries that were here before us who like, dated locals and misused church funds and cool stuff like that, but weve gotten them to warm up to us beautifully.

we have 4 really great investigators right now. a couple are 13 year old girls, which at first i kind of felt weird about, but after all of the 14 year old mothers weve met in the last week, i feel great about it. theres a recent convert girl who invites all of her friends to her house to have an fhe with us every week, and its really great. weve met some cool girls, and if this can keep em from getting knocked up next month, all the better.

we also had a downright straight up really cool thing happen this week. we passed by the house of a guy we had seen at church. he and his wife just had their new baby blessed, but he didnt bless him cuz hes not a member. within five minutes of our first visit, he agreed to be baptised. its going down on saturday. i am reaaaally stoked.

i took some cool pictures this week, but i still havent quite gotten a way to send pictures figured out. i will send pictures when i do.

other than that, it was a pretty long week. i didnt notice until 5 days ago that our area is super hilly. i kept on just wandering around, wondering why i felt so exhaused. duh. i am walking up and down hills for miles and miles all day every day. our area is huge.

because our area is huge, it incorporates some beautiful campo, and the hills provide for some great views. my comp and i go through the campo whenever we can think of a decent enough excuse to do so. i will send pics when i can.

also, having a grip on the language makes this all a lot more fun. we sat in the front patio of an old member lady and chatted and laughed with her and her friend about how great fun it is to serve cow intestines and tongues to american missionaries.

so ha! they know. and they think its absolutely riotously hilarious.

then i got to explain to them why exactly we dont use bidets in the us, and what we do instead.

also, it means i am capable of asking people if i might have the pleasure of climbing their fruit trees, which i did twice this week. the first time was a jehovas witness lady whod have nothing of our religion, but really wanted to give us her fruit. i commenced talking with her daughter, who laughed really hard every time i said anything cuz apparently my accent right now is a super funny mix of brazilian gringa.
i dunno what fruit it was… im pretty sure it doesnt even have an english name… and it probably had parasites but i got over that a while ago.. and i filled my pockets with them and ate them in the street. if i could remember the name of them i would start a plantation of them and a pyramid scheme, cuz i am pretty sure theyre some sort of south american miracle fruit. i felt amazing after eating them. probably the healthiest thing i will enjoy in my whole mission.

the second fruit tree was a catholic dude who, again, had nothing of our free song we offered, but gladly let us take advantage of his kumquat tree.

i am glad the white handbook says nothing about the climbing of fruit trees in proseliting clothing, even if maybe it should. lord knows it sure made me happy.

and finally, i had a teenager this week ask me if i could read. i proudly said yes, i can read in 2 languages, and she was very surprised and impressed. i am not sure what that means.

and super finally, i love the kids here. yesterday we were talking to an investigator in the street, and there was a 7 year old riding his bike in the dirt road. he kept on screaming, MISSIONERA!! MISSIONERA!! and popping wheelies on his bike to impress me. he did it for 25 minutes. i love that kid.

tell teenie never to joke about smoked salmon to me again so long as i am stuck in uruguay chewing fatty meat off of the spinal column bones of cows again, and that i wish her much luck with her cough.

tell marsh i hope he is well, and tell dan that he is rad.

love you!!


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