28 Sep

as always, i love you and i miss you a lot. and of course, everything is going to work out great. good job not worrying too much.

i experienced my first major bummer of the mission this week when one of our investigators who was about to be baptised refused to go to her interview and told us she wants nothing more. that was a big bummer.
however, the next morning i got to watch the 21 year old young father louis, who was baptised last week, baptise his little sister amanda, right after he got the preisthood, and that was super cool. i hear that if one of your converts gets to go to the temple while youre still out here, you get to go. i should still be here. i hope to see it.

in other news, i am over being called fat because 1, i know i am not, and 2, i think its actually a sign of affection. which is weird, but whatever. they call me gorda and serve me half pint bowls of cold dulce de leche to eat. weird. whatever.

also, eating lettuce is against the mission rules, but food rules are almost always broken in the homes of members. last week, i was given a salad. a real one, of lettuce. i enjoyed it more than i ever dreamed i could enjoy a head of lettuce. and i felt amazing for the next 5 days. and the parasites can only help me to digest all of this mayonnaise, right? right. i love lettuce.

uh, what else? my companion is super rad and gave me the perfect summer skirt. then she gave me a pair of light blue nylons. the other day, i wore those nylons with orange amber earrings and a baby pink skarf and my red gloves and a blue shirt and a grey skirt and a black coat and hat. i have officially stopped caring how i look out here, and i now enjoy the idea that with my maryjanes and blue tights, i probably look like a 7 year old girl.

oh! and i saw the backyard where the lady who does our laundry hangs it to dry. i now know that my clean laundry hangs only 1 foot above of a herd of 50 chickens and 9 rabbit hutches and about 15 pùppies.

oh, uh, and i might need someone to send me some bug repellant and benadryl sticks pronto. cuz, you know how i like to hop stones in a swamp to spice up my life? yeah, my life got real spiced this week when, shortly after doing that, i looked at the back of my right calf and saw…

3 normal mosquito bites that were red and enflamed, and next to it, something the size of a golf ball, also red, swollen, hard, and hot to the touch. i think those little %$”%·´s bit me in the SAME SPOT twenty times. it hurt so bad i could hardly walk last night. i took some ibuprofin and it got better. but yeah, i hear urugay enjoys clouds of mosquitos in the summer. please help me.

oh! so we ran out of money last week. which means weve been skipping breakfast. and dinner. which i dont mind cuz i feel like the food here only helps me to have a full stomach, while i am still malnourished the same. anyway, we were hungry on saturday night, so we went to wish a ward member a happy birthday. we got to the party, and they of course gave us torta. we stayed a bit so as to not look mercinary, and someone showed up and gave her a present. in front of everyone, this 56 year old woman opened what turned out to be a pair of panties. she then, without a hint of embarassement, held the large panties in the air for all to see, and thanked the giver. in this respect, i love this place. i have had women breastfeeding their children practically in my face. this happens about 5 times a week, as of late.

oh! and we met a woman in our ward who has a pecan tree AND knows where to go to get fresh, unsugared, real orange juice. she is an angel.

other than that, i have had suuuuper weird dreams all this week. one night, my companion was dead set on marching through palestine to find osama bin ladin and eat his first born. then i ate a huge sugary crossiant with a hotdog inside.

oh! and we did a service on the ward and cleaned a local high school. it looked like an abandoned jail. filthy. its probably a good thing i am still scared of having intellectual conversations in spanish, cuz i am suuuuper curious to break the rules and have a political conversation with somebody to try to understand why things around here are the way they are. i know when my spanish is good enough, i will cave and ask somebody… cuz i the curiousity is killing me. also, i still really want to teach high school art. maybe more now than ever.

anyways, i wish the best for you and teenie, tell her i love her and i want her to get better. tell dan to rock on, tell marsh ima write him back.

tell grandma and grandpa roach thanks for the letter, and ill get back to them, and tell dad the same, but my letter will be sent to marsh cuz i dont have his address.

i love you and i miss you!


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