5 Oct

i write today from montevideo. all of the people from my group had to come down to sign papers to live in the country for the next year and something. 6 hours of bus ride to write my name. laaaaaaaaaame. my head really, really hurts. we got on the bus at midnight last night after a really long and hot day running across our area 5 times to try to wrange people together to watch general conference in the stake center. i have not slept. i am sunburned, and even though i showered, the bus was so stuffy, i got sweat in my eyes and they burn. this lifestyle is so glam.

watching conference was great though. the talks were great, and although the stake prez didnt want to let the missionaries have an english room to watch it cuz of a taco party incident that happened six months ago, a cool elder decided to enforce a little civil disobedience to set up a tv to watch the last 3 sessions in english. conference is a lot better in english. i mean, its not that i didnt understand the spanish, but…. its a lot more interesting when i can pay attention to what theyre saying without analyzing the grammar.

also, in the last session, a couple of the 13 year old recent converts we have decided to follow me to the english room because they decided that i am ´mas buena´than my companion. they soon got bored and spent most of the time latched onto my arms and looking behind me at one of the elders and telling me he was blowing kisses at me. they told me they know he likes me and we should date. i explained to them that missionaries dont do that, but they didnt quite understand. later they asked my comp if she would tell on me if i dated one of the elders, and because she didnt answer, they told me that was my go ahead to do it. i told them that would be like dating my little brother. which it would be like dating a little brother. and of course i think this is really funny, because it made that poor elder terribly embarassed. i love my little preteen possy.

other than that, not much happened this week. my comp and i get along really well, which is almost becoming a distraction. we have a lot of fun. the other night before bed, we spent the hour ripping out pictures from liahona articles and sticking them to our walls. in our tiny remodeled 2 car garage of a house, we have 70 liahona pictures. we call our house the liahona.

oh! and then we accidentally ended up watching an anti lds propoganda film, cuz one of our investigators had it and it was only in english, and she wanted me to translate. we asked to borrow it to see if we could figure out how to play it in spanish first, and watched it at a members house. it was terrible… and at times, terribly funny. apparently some people believe, because of something they found in a young womens manual, that we believe that there are 3 foot tall people dressed as pioneers who live on the moon.

that night, we set the dvd on fire on our patio to send it back to hell, from whence it came.

um, what else? the sun is really, really hot here. like, super hot. i already have a ton more freckles of the permanent sort on my face. to prevent this, i bought a sombrero … sombrero only means wide brimmed hat… not velvet mexican wall decoration… its black and fancy and i look like i am wearing the hat from the cover of breakfast at tiffany´s. it might be too fancy for a missionary. i definitely dont mind.

oh! in our running around in our area, and due to the hot sun, the asphalt in a new street melted, and i ended up with sticky wet tar covering my entire right calf. like, the whole leg. mottled black. and then i spent both conference sessions that way, with old men glaring at my legs. luckily one of our investigators had laquer thinner and a sponge to help me clean it off of my skin later that night.

oh, on the sending stuff front, a miniature childrens hymnal if possible… if possible, in spanish. and a mini english hymnal… and food. anything good or healthy looking.. taco seasoning packets, cans of chili… swiss cheese? can you send that? seriously, whatever seems like it could travel well and taste good. unless it is microwave popcorn or cornflakes or raisins, i promise you i cannot get it here. and peanut butter. and aveeno body wash if you want to really light up my life!

ok, time is up, and my head really hurts. sorry if this email is weird. i am really happy here in salto with this comp. i like here a lot. i love you and i miss you and i hope you all are well! tell my friends i wont be able to write letters this week and to please forgive me and know i still love them!


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