13 Oct

dear mom,

you know how a couple of weeks ago, i said i was exhausted?
i had no idea what exhausted felt like. now i do.

we went back to salto on monday night, on hopefully the worst bus ride i shall ever experience in my life. there were drunks blasting reggeaton on their cell phones. they smelled horrible and were yelling things.. which usually i wouldnt mind too much, but because i had been running across the world in the sun on 5 hours of sleep for three days, it was a little irritating.

so we got back to salto at 3 in the morning, slept 3.5 more hours, and started our week. suuuuuuper long week.

we did divisions, and i went to the other hermanas area. it is, happily, waaaaaaay nicer than anything i had ever seen in uruguay thus far. i felt like i was in california. still eating deep fried meat in mayonnaise, but there were paved streets and dogs with leashes.

on the bus ride to the area, the elders who were with us contacted the whole bus. like, stood in front and announced that we are missionaries looking for the chosen people of god. and then we talked to every person, one by one. i wont lie, i felt a little like an idiot. at least i evaded having to be the one to talk to the whole bus.

we also started doing bolder street contacts, which turns out, makes making contacts a lot more fun. i told a man to repent and be baptised. he told me, oh yeah, that would be nice, but im busy. i told him to come find us when he had time to repent. and i believe he thought we had had a completely normal interchange. calling strangers to repentence and getting away with it is a lot of fun.

uh, what else? my favorite little abuelita beba got baptised!! she almost didnt, but through the power of my pepto bismal chewables, we saw a miracle. we saw her dressed in white.

so everybody who warned me to come prepared for dysentary knew what they were talking about.

uh, what else? oh, this week, its transfers. this is why i am writing on tuesday. and where am i going?

montevideo!!! i am way excited. i hear it is cooler there in the summer, and i have high hopes for entountering something better to eat. also to not climb hills and be eaten alive by mosquitos in swamps and wander around with pebbles in my shoes all the time.

i have also learned not to make fun of the other hermanas who could potentially be my companions. cuz when i do, they become my companions.
i have seen many, many photos of the hermana with whom i shall be serving in montevideo. she likes to wear lots of makeup every single day and take lots and lots and lots of cute pictures of herself. then make wall calendars of them and give them to people.
oh man.

oh, and she does not speak english. so here we go again. by the end of the next change i am probably not going to be able to speak english in my emails anymore. im starting to forget.

uh, what else? the other night, we were in the house of an investigator, and the father looked at me and excitedly said, chanchito! then ran to his backyard, and came back holding a white little piglet. it was adorable.. or at least, much cuter than its parents, i am sure. so i got to meet a piglet the other day, which was cool.

but yeah. the work in salto was really good. ima miss my companion… but i guess it was too good to last.

what else? we went to a little girl named alisons first birthday party, thinking it would be a tame little affair, and ended up listening to really loud reggeaton. i am not going to lie, i quite enjoy me a little reggeaton, but in a room with 50 people dancing… we felt weird as missionaries, so we left.

on the topic of music, thank you aunt kandee, a million times, for sending me that cd. you have saved my life, and i love it. i especially love tracks 4,6,and 7. if theres anything else by those guys, tell my mom and maybe she can send me those cds for christmas or something. 🙂

on the topic of sending things, i need a couple more things, if thats ok.
more crappy little hlj rings. kids looooooooove them, and i have run out.
a few pairs of earplugs so the cats that are in heat in the streets wont keep me up at night.
neutrogena healthy volume mascara en black brown.
bumble and bumble seaweed shampoo and conditioner. because a dinky bottle of redkin is the equivalent of 30 bucks here, and i have exerted way too much patience in growing my hair to destroy it with crappy shampoo now.
oh, and did you know? the other hermanas moms use a usps flat rate box thats only like 12 bucks and quite big. and does not have a weight limit. feel free to enlist ellen to help me receive my shampoo soon, if possible.

oh, did i mention that i also had to swing a pick to break concrete for 3 hours the other morning while helping build houses? so i worked the last 3 days sleep deprived and with sore muscles. after these hills for 6 weeks, i now have like, man soccer player legs. eeigh. we showed up at the work sight and the dudes there looked at us like we were burly men. what a shame that we are not.

so yeah. we have been really really busy. i love you and i miss you


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