Limbo in Colonia

26 Oct

dear mom,

my comp´s sickness got to the degree that, last tuesday, we had to leave montevideo. apparently the humidity of the ocean makes it hard for her to breathe, or something like that. i dunno, i dont really get it. everything she says about it is in spanish… but i´m pretty sure it wouldnt make too much sense in english, either. i think it´s one of those ´mystery diagnosis´things.

so we had to frantically pack and take a bus to colonia, to hang out with a couple of other hermanas for a little while, until the president could find somewhere to put us. he told us not to call him, that he would call us, when he had somewhere to send us. a little while turned into a whole week. we spent a whole week without an area, doing divisions. wandering around like that can get a little boring, and makes it even harder for a girl like me to keep her focus.

when we weren´t out, every other girl in the house took turns on a rotation of having emotional meltdowns, and holing off in a room with one other girl to have lengthy whispered conversations. and i spent a lot of time looking at the pictures in my camera, trying to study, organizing my suitcase, reading letters… doing whatever.

finally i lost it and called the president, and he told us we will be going to pysandu tomorrow. so in the 3 changes i´ve experienced in my mission, i will have seen 5 different areas. i miss montevideo.

it´s really hard to be here as a missionary, when i will have spent half of my change without a real area or people to focus on. when i have spent so much of my time stuck in that house.

so that´s why have spent a lot of money this month, cuz i had to move and buy groceries and cleaning supplies and other crap 3 times. and then i had to buy a really cute sweater i saw in a shop window to make me feel better. but no, spending like this will not be a trend.

but yeah. i can sure use some prayers if you´re looking to say ém for me. i´m hoping things will pick up when we get to paysandu.

i miss you mom and i love you lots and lots. i´m glad to hear your classes are doing well, and tell teenie that i love her and miss her and i hope she gets better and better and better. tell dan he´s rad too. and tell marsh i miss him and he needs to write me back.


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