2 Nov


1, i love pysandu. it´s the nicest, cleanest, prettiest small town in uruguay i´ve seen yet. i would compare it with bellevue (well, a uruguayan one), but there are no hills (thank heavens). we live in the nicest aparment i´ve seen in the mission yet, in a nice complex of brick and cement buildings and well kept grass lawns and pretty green trees. it looks like the nice parts of u of u campus. i love it. inside, we have CLEAN FLOORS, which, i hope the caps lock shows, is a huge thing. also, freshly baby pink and robin´s egg blue painted walls (hey, it´s fresh paint, i can´t complain…) and no toxic mold. and a big kitchen, and a nice, cool bedroom, and our own prehistoric looking laundry basin on our patio, which has a currently imhabited bird´s nest on it.
i realized the other day that i think i have officially developed uruguayan eyes. these houses are starting to look pretty decent. i´ma think pleasant grove is beverly hills when i get back.

also, my comp is feeling better, and we have a ton of super rad investigators. the members don´t give much food, and i´m ok with that, cuz its a little less vegetable oil and animal byproducts and mayonnaise and canned peas in my system.

everything here is super great, except that it´s almost summer. friday was the most painful day of my life. it was 40 degrees c. or, ONE HUNDRED AND TWO degrees f. and humid. thankfully, my comp felt sick that afternoon, so we laid on the floor in the apartment with the fan on and slept. i cannot believe i managed to sleep. i felt like i was being boiled alive.

when i woke up, i almost creid, contemplating living and working as a missionary in this climate for the next 7 months. it is hellish.

we went out to work that evening, and we were sweating drops. like, there were sweat drops in the dirt road behind us. then a nice lady invited us to sit with her in the shade of her tree, and we cooled down a bit. i got to playing with my watch, and saw that around the band, i had white remnants of the salt of my own dried sweat.

so i hope you didn´t send too much chocolate, cuz it has to ride up to pysandu on a greyhound type bus in hot weather. if you did, i hope for a miracle, cuz i could use a little halloween.

i spent saturday night a little bummed, thinking about how much fun a lot of people in the states were probably having celebrating halloween. here, in the cities, some people celebrate it, but in the country, it´s the day of the witches and evil so nobody does anything.
it´s not like i even really enjoyed halloween all that much in the states… but hey, i wasn´t crazy about peanut butter either.
on the bright side, the hot weather down here will bring more fruits, like watermelons and avocados to eat.
so yeah.

the other day, i got a really, really cute letter from one of my 13 year old converts in salto. she told me we would be best friends forever, and gave me her contact information. she told me she would miss my bad spanish, and would never like the new hermana as much as she liked me. then she told me she cried when i left. awwww. then i lost the card. i have no idea how, and am now extremely bummed. lame.

uh, let´s see… other than that? not much. i´ve started speaking to my companion and children in ´vos´form, and it´s pretty dang fun. i´m almost at the point in spanish where i have stopped resenting it for impeding my powers of communication. i can now tell stories and effectively make people laugh, which is cool.

oh, and i found out that in uruguay, telling people you study art is about as cool as telling someone you want to lock yourself in your basement and play warcraft for the rest of your life. they consider artists lazy, good-for-nothings. ha. rad. i´ll probably keep telling people anyway. i mean, heck. there are plenty of people here who can´t even read. who are they to judge me?

uh, so yeah. packages take, generally, 2 weeks to get to the mission offices, and another week to get to where i am. thanks for sending me stuff! i am really excited to get it, prolly next week.

oh, and i was totally right for buying tons of garments. i brought 21 pairs, and now i have 7.5. so it might be that all i want for christmas is underwear. people around here steal garments a lot. i have no idea why. oh, and some of them almond cookie gun cookies would completely enhance my universe ( more and more i find myself floundering to think of english adjectives, when i have the perfect spanish one in mind…).

so yeah. i love you mom and i miss you and good luck with your studies. it´ll be so rad when you´ve got your degree. wish dan luck, too! and health! and i am thrilled to hear that teenie is doing better and feeling better about the universe and all. and thanks for writing me and answering my questions, marsh! i will get back to you soonish!
i miss and love you all!


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