9 Nov

dear mom,

i am WAY glad i chose to be a missionary.

i should be getting your package this, or next week. for the christmas box, you should probably send it with a good 4 weeks to get here. just in case.

if you could send me some spicy gingersnaps, i would be in heaven. also some candycanes would help me to feel like it´s christmas when it´s a million degrees, and the kids are throwing pop-its in the streets. (as far as i can tell, christmas here is like the 4th of july in the states. fireworks, barbeques.. drunks in the streets…) i am stoked that pop its exist here, and fully intend to buy me some.

the pictures? tell ellen not to worry about putting it on my facebook, cuz the mish prez´s wife is a downright professional facebook lurker. but i would like for all of them to be posted on the blog, if possible.

your cooling vibes worked, and this week it didn´t get much hotter than 75 degrees. it was actually pretty cold a few days there. the weather here is on drugs, and for such a tiny country, it varies a lot, depending on where you are.

but yeah. i am really glad to be in uruguay, even if the food sucks.

i´m glad i am here because… i´m just like, i´m just really loving this mission thing now. this transfer was a hard one, but i´ve learned a lot. and i´ve figured out why exactly i´m here. and watching the light come in to people´s eyes as they come to understand that they are children of their loving heavenly father who has a plan for them in this huuuuuuge universe… man. you could feed me refried pencil erasers and sawdust, and i would stick around.

it´s also getting easier. not only because ellen sent me a package of wonderful food. i´m more comfortable now with the locals. and i like, really, really love them. we were talking with an 82 year old lady the other day, and from her bed she was staring at me a little funny, until she finally said, ´you are huge. you could probably carry 13 babies. you should have a big family.´and i wasn´t even weirded out. we talked genailly about how i think i would only like 4, maybe 5 kids, to which she responded wistfully that it´d be a waste of my gloriously huge birthing hips. i´m just glad she didn´t bring up breastfeeding. that still freaks me out.

i´ve had a lot of old lady fun this week. in our ward, there is an old lady who conducts the hymns in sacrament, who looks and sings like a muppet. i don´t even know which one, but she is amazing, and that is the only analogy i can think of. she sings with a forward, nasal, bright tone, and a huge warbly vibrato, passionately and loudly, contorting her face along with her emotions. i have a really hard time not 1, laughing at her too loud. and 2, not taking a video of her with my camera. good thing i have to be an example of reverence. it keeps me in line. enough.

but yeah. i would wager that i can use the F word now… Fluent. yeah, i would wager that i am now fluent, more or less.

this week was really great. my mission is finally starting to become what i had always imagined. and it is, really, the life.

but i still want peanut butter.

i love you mom and i am so proud that you are such a scholastic rock star and doing so well in your classes. tell dan grats on his church job, and to hack the system to put more money in my bank account out here. tell teenie i love her and i miss her and i sincerely pray for her and hope she´s well in every way. and tell marsh thanks for the wikipedia articles, and i will write him back and i love him and miss him too and all that good stuff.

have i mentioned that i hope to marry someday with a man who has lots of undone family history? cuz ours is all done, right? right. maybe you could send me some of ours to check out in the christmas package. that would be cool.

oh! and i realized this last week, i get to call you in a month or so! woo! i´m excited!

i miss you and i love you! caio.


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