24 Nov

Mom! Hi.

You hear from me on Tuesday cuz it was transfers week. But i have great news. I´m not going anywhere! And neither is my comp! I´m thrilled. She´s been feeling better and we work together really well, and she´s not crazy, and she speaks really good collegiate spanish. also the ward and the bishop here are great. the bishop actually like, fellowships investigators instead of just second guessing us all the time.  i´m excited to be here to find more great investigators and help this little ward grow. The spanish is going good. Last week, the bishop called and asked me to give a 12 minute talk in sacrament cuz, as he put it, ´you speak as well as your comp does anyway´. Which might not be entirely true, but it did come out surprisingly well. Seeing as it was my first real talk since like, primary? Oh, and last week elder Bednar came to talk to all of the missionaries in uruguay! I was totally sitting like, 3 yards away from him. He asked us not to put anything he said on the internet, but i will say that he said, ´growing a moustache does not mean you will go to hell´. I love it when apostles say ´hell´. I find it all kinds of endearing. But yeah. It was really good, and i learned a lot.

You should know that i´m spending a lot of my own Money because of a few factors. Like, this misión gives their missionaries the LEAST amount of spending Money in the ENTIRE WORLD. Then i had 2000 pesos stolen from me in my apartment (why they left my camera, i don´t know, but i am grateful.). then i had to buy sunscreen, which does not come cheap around here, either—and i like to eat breakfast. So, just this month, can you gimme some more Money?  Also i had to spend a chunk of cash this week on a suit jacket. Cuz the wife of the prez is crazy and called us and told us WE HAD to show up at this conference in jackets. So i bought this real nice laura bush number, and spent the conference secretly thrilled that i was secretly wearing a laura bush or female general authority halloween costume, a couple of weeks late. Uh, so yeah.

Thank you so much for sending me packages! They really are like, an ethereal thrill to receive and open, and eat the good gringo food within. And that´s alright about the scripture case… i´ll get along fine. But fyi, i have the normal sized non quad ones.

i wish i could be with you for thanksgiving. I hope it´s a real happy one. And i hope you can taste the food as if i were tasting it, after all the gross stuff i eat, and then enjoy it even more. Turns out i should be home next year in time for REAL thanksgiving. Cuz my 18 month mark is november 21st, and it turns out i can leave then if i want to. Which i probably will. So that´ll be exciting!

The church is true, and the lord hears and answers sincere prayers in ways that can sometimes be incredible. Cuz he loves all of us a whole, whole, lot. And i hope you know i only write things like that here cuz i really mean them. I just can´t keep these things that make me this happy to myself

Send love to the siblings and gimme teenie´s mailing address!


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