30 Nov


I´m glad to hear that thanksgiving was nice, although small. I spent the whole day trying really really really hard not to think about all of your great cooking while i laid in bed, in pain, as my poor body made it´s best effort to digest yet another grease-drenched milanesa. But don´t worry, i´ve started telling people i´m allergic to grease, so i think things are going to start looking up from here.

I don´t really have any super exciting or interesting stories this week, either. It was a lot like last week. We just, studied, taught lessons, uh… Ooh! There was a huge thunderstorm last night, and as luck would have it, we´d already gotten back to our apartment before it hit. It was 7:30 when it started, and we did the math and realized it would not calm down in time to do more proselyting. So what did we do? We went out to the apartment complex lawn and got soaked. We ran and laughed in the rain. it was really great—until it started hailing hails the size of garbanzo beans and the winds picked up, and my comp told me that means there could be a tornado in these parts. Hails that big really hurt. So then we ran inside and drank herbal tea, and watched to see if there would be a tornado. If there was, we didn´t see it.

Um, what else? I wasn´t aware until yesterday, but i´ve been doing a Little bit of free time gardening in my apartment. I went to clean off our messy kitchen table to discover, behind a grocery bag, a sweet potato i had bought, decided against eating, then forgotten about. it had grown purple stems and leaves! I then put it in a place of honor in the apartment. It´s really a rad Little plant. You should be receiving a photo of it… someday. I´m glad you like the pictures. My comp is always printing things on p day, so as long as i´m with her, they´re gonna keep coming.

Uh, and what else? In one of our lessons this week, i was in the middle of explaining the apostasy when the investigator lady stood up from her chair, ran toward me with her hand raised, then smashed a cockroach on the wall that had been hanging out approximately 4 inches from my right ear. It was startling. And gross. I must be hitting that comfortable part of my misión where most of this has become routine.

I´ve been spending a lot of time Reading scriptures and pondering the universe, almost to the extreme of wandering around like a space cadet. Which leaves me with fewer external observations to share. But i recommend it. The scriptures are great and have got some mind blowing stuff in there, if you look for it. i´m learning a lot. So, go read your scriptures, ´yall!

Oh! I´m way glad to have been left with my companion this change. We´re good friends by now, and we´ve got some rad plans for christmas. We´re hooking the japonese gaucho up with a german and russian convert named Frida, from my comp´s previous area. She´s coming to town, so we´re gonna have an asado, grease free, cuz the japonese gaucho knows how i like it, and then that night, my comp and i are going to hang out of our apartment Windows and watch the fireworks. So i won´t be home with everybody i love, but at least i´ll be good and busy with my friends trying to set up a multicultural temple marriage.

Soooooooo yeah. I love you and i miss you! And don´t worry, the financial problems were resolved. We´d just run out of cash in an awful way, like, we almost didn´t have safe drinking water. But the members helped us out and we kept getting lots of miraculous text messages from people offering us food and water. Then some guy in the street gave me ten pesos, which bought me my bus ticket to get to the bank downtown to see if i had Money. And then the misión finally gave me my food Money, so everything is ok.

And yeah! I love you mom and siblings! I hope everything ´s aaaight. chau!


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