14 Dec

dear mom,

haha, i had thought about that a few times while laying around in pain.  i thought, ´heck, if i´m going to have to give up my dreams of finishing my mission for a minor maladie like this, i may as well do it in time to be home for christmas¨. but i really don´t want to come home yet. this is way, way, way, waaaaay better than anything i could be doing at home right now. the members were really good about helping me for the first week or so, but it seems like they´re starting to forget. it´s pretty much second nature for them to grab that bottle of vegetable oil and dump it all over anything edible in their path. also, turns out, there´s a pretty big group of people who seem to think i´m just a snotty gringa and the food grosses me out. i´m not going to lie, the food is gross, but i got over that a while ago, and i would much prefer to just eat gross food and not feel sick and not have to hassle people. but yeah. i think it would take shock aversion therapy to get a uruguayan to stop cooking with oil. So we´ll see what happens. yesterday, a member gave us something greasy, but we didn´t have anything else to eat, so i started to eat it anyway, thinking, ´well, i haven´t eaten anything bad all week… i should be alright, right?´ then, out of nowhere, my plate flew to the floor. i think the spirit threw the food on to the floor to protect me from myself, cuz just the little bit i had eaten left me up all night in pain. ugh. but anyway. on the bright side, i´m gonna be really skinny!!!!!!1 !

so yeah. other than that, i´m just still learning a lot and seeing lots and lots of miracles. i´m learning to listen to the spirit better, and we´ve had some wonderful lessons, thanks to that. to see that the investigator´s needs are met. it´s unbelievable the kind of help the lord will send you if you just ask with enough faith to recognize it when he comes through. it´s amazing to me how much he was watching over me and guiding me throughout my whole life, even when i didn´t recognize it. and it´s amazing to hear the stories of our investigators saying the same.

So yeah. That´s a bummer about the stamps, but at least we know where they are, and still have them. It looks like they´re cracking down on pouch rules. Lame.  If anybody is being benevolent enough to thrill me to the core by sending me pictures, do it at the mission home address. The avenida italia one. You should be able to send the stamps there, just use a Christ sticker on the envelope, just in case.

So yeah. Other than that, my comp and I are the luckiest sisters in the mission! We get to go to the temple!!! This is rare for a missionary around here. Also, we get to go to punto del este, on the fancy, richer, nicer, eastern side of Uruguay, which I hear is pretty much like an entirely different country, to eat dinner with one of my comp´s miracle converts who she accidentally contacted through means of dialing a wrong phone number. It was a real special experience, so we, and the prez and the hermana, are going to punto del este to do dinner with her. So, that should be fun. Except it means I have to buy nylons that aren´t stained with holes in them to wear in front of the hermana. It means i´m probably going to have to wear makeup, too. And not call the convert lady, ´mi amor´. Lame.

I still can´t get over how perfect that package was, mom. The smoked salmon, the mini pumpkin spice candle… perfect.

Sorry if these emails are getting boring! I just like, hit that comfortable stage, you know? Ha, and it turns out, the president didn´t know I speak Spanish. It was pretty funny. I figured he´d put me with Latinas cuz he knew I could do it. Turns out, when he asked me comp about me in her interview, and when she told him she felt like she was with a latina, his jaw hit the floor. Pretty funny, cuz most gringas see the latina companion thing as some sort of huuuuuge challenge or trial to overcome. So i´ve had some fun imagining the president, when he did my transfers, thinking, ´ANOTHER challenge for poor hermana roach. Ha. She´s gonna learn and grow so much from this´. And it´s true, I have learned a LOT of Spanish from it, but I in no way felt like the culture-shocked, scared, suffering little gringa he must´ve thought. He thought I wasn´t even able to communicate with my comp. he doesn´t know me very well. It´s pretty amazing how well I understand people now. I feel rilly blessed. It´s also amazing that I still remember, and oddly, still think in English. But I have started doing the weird thing that when I remember anything anyone´s told me, I remember it in Spanish. It´s almost like I can´t remember what it´s like to have people speaking to me in english.

Soooooo yeah. Um, it looks like you´re gonna have to call me on Christmas, if that´s ok. But I think with one of those international calling cards, it shouldn´t be too expensive. The number is, country code and all, is… (deleted). You can call me whenev. Morning works better for me, but that´s like, way early for you. So, maybe your morning, my early afternoon? Woo. I´m excited. I love you mom and family!!!!

i love this baby. this poor baby. her mom is 16. her dad is an 18 year old drug addict. she´s so cute. we´re teaching her mom.

i love this lady. this is me and my comp and a recent convert who does divisions with us all the time. she´s super rad. and so is her christmas tree.


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