21 Dec

dear mom!

it might be cheaper for you to call me with an international calling card. you can google it, just type ínternational calling card, uruguay. then it´s like, 5 bucks for a bunch of hours, so you could call me on mother´s day with it, too. call me at 5:30 pm uruguay time. The 25th. i´m excited!!!

other than that, things are alright. i´m just a little frustrated with the food thing. the members are trying their best to help out, but they just cannot seem to understand the no oil thing. i feel like i´m trying to ask them to cook for me without using water or something. poor people. they think the oil makes everything taste better, and they just don´t have the heart to give me gross, dry, oil free food. so i have to eat it cuz they cooked ´healthy´for me, and i still end up in bed afterward. also it turns out that when my gallbladder is inflamed, my stomach swells and i look like i´m pregnant. apparently i had been wandering around like that my entire mission, and i hadn´t noticed. cuz when i ate only healthy things for a week, my comp thought i had drastically lost weight. then when i ended up eating grease again, i went right back to how i had been. ughgghh. So now when i feel sick i can know that i don´t look cute, either. whatever. this is boring. i´m so bored with being sick. but that seems to be the majority of what´s been going on lately.

other than that, our investigators are all smoking and or have crazy grandchildren that run us from their houses. but!! we get to go to the temple in the next week or so. hopefully. the travel plans are starting to become a little bit of a fiasco, but we´re gonna get it figured out. cross your fingers.

and a really sweet lady from the ward came over to give us food, then invited herself in and cleaned our house for us. and gave me a pair of US flag socks she found and bought for me. i love her. she is my pysandú adopted mom.

oh, and thanks to grandma and grandpa roach for the candies, my comp absolutely loves them. i, of course, can´t enjoy them and am a little tortured by it, but at least my comp is. also, thank them for the stamps!!!! tell them i love them!

and thanks to grandma and grandpa myers for the money! it´s gonna buy my bus ticket to Montevideo to go to the temple. i love them, too!

i´ve been burning that pumpkin candle and it´s among the best things that could ever happen to me.

and, um, yeah. other than that, i´ve just been studying a lot, and learning a lot. The church is true, everybody. And i love you all, and i want everybody to know they´re really special and really worthwhile and really rad. Everybody.

And i ask that all of my friends forgive me, cuz i am looking at my third p day in a row wherin i will not have been able to write letters. Forgive me, friends!!!!! I love you, i promise!

President changed p day to Thursday this week, except for writing emails. It is christmas eve. I am sure i will not be able to write a single letter. Forgive me!! Soooo yeah. Not much else to say. Being sick is lame. But life is beautiful anyway.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! i look forward to hearing your voices, beloved family!!

this is me and 2 of my comps and my favorite elder buddy. elder almeida de rodriguez. that´s what it says on his plaque. that is a married woman type of name. he´s funny.

this is the barbie i won in the white elephant gift contest in our zone conference!!!!11


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