28 Dec


hey. yeah, sorry the phone call was a little rough on the language front. by the time i talked to dad i was back in full swing again. but yeah, i would definitely prefer this problem over the other potential problem. you know, like, not being able to talk to people in the country where i am.

i failed to tell you details about what we did on christmas. it was really nice. we spent the important part, christmas eve evening with the family of our super rad bishop. His family, and the father in law stake patriarch. i asked them all to speak to me only in the less respectful forms, ´tu´, and ´vos´, to teach me how to do it. they had a great time shouting disrespectful things at the missionary, talking to me like i´m a kid, and i learned a lot. then at midnight, we went outside to watch the fuegos artificiales. fireworks. here, it is completely legal to sell fireworks that in the states, you would need to be a licenced pyrotechnician to obtain. like, stadium sized fireworks. so what happens, is that everybody here buys them and, at midnight, every single family in the whole of uruguay sets them off. it looks like a war zone. a really pretty one. it reminded me of the hare krishna festival of colors in payson, utah. except instead of throwing colored powder, they´re throwing explosives. luckily, the explosives are higher in the air. and what´s better? they do this on new years´eve, too!! and apparently they drop the prices of the fireworks after christmas, so this time there will be even MORE!! so you guys can have fun drinking martinelli´s and watching time´s square on tv. i am going to breathe  sulfuric smoke and watch and feel the show. And eat boiled rice and canned peas with salt. I know you´re jealous. But at least there will be coke. At least i will always, always have coke.

Today at lunch the member family offered me soy sauce and i died and went to heaven. Rice and peas is waaaaay better with soy sauce. But i am reaaallllyyy grateful, cuz i have been feeling waaaaaaaaaay better. And i haven´t been wandering around with a swollen belly either! I´m cute and healthy again!!!1

Next week is transfers week, and for the first time, i´m really bummed about it. My compañera is really rad. We teach, study, and live together really, really well. It´s going to be hard to get used to someone new. The chances of us staying together are slim to nothing. I want another latina comp, but i´ve already got the record for the gringa with the most time straight speaking spanish… so we´ll see what happens. This also means that next week i´ll email on Tuesday. I´m kinda hoping to train.

Uhmmm… what else? Not much. Congratulations on your recovered fish tank, and future fish parenthood, teenie! Send me pictures! I like to look at all sorts of pictures of just about anything.

I dreamed two times this week that i cut my hair really short, and then seriously regretted it. (which i would, if i did.). my hair is getting really, really long. Almost nigh unto mermaid hair. I wear it up all the time, so the only person who sees it is my comp… but i like it. Anyway, i wake up stressed out because of this.

Oh, and as a special christmas present, like i told dan, we discovered that one of our investigators who wasn´t progressing, well… we got to the bottom of her ´iceberg´. She wasn´t keeping commitments and wouldn´t say why. And i felt something weird about her, and i wasn´t sure what. Then, a few nights ago, i got a really strong, undeniable juice craving. So my comp and i went to the Little shop in our apartment complex. We bumped into our investigator at the door, and she asked us if we were going in, apprehensively. We said yes. We all went in, and then we found her at the checkout with a few bottles of alchohol. Gross, strong, cheap stuff. She looked at us with defiance and told us she´d drink in our honor. Then we went to a Little parkbench outside, to drink the juice, and we could see her sitting on her porch with her grandchildren, and watched her, personally, drink all 3 of the bottles—straight from the bottle. And my comp and i, all we could do was laugh about what a horrible christmas discovery that was. Poor lady. She now doesn´t answer phone calls anymore. What a bummer.

So yeah. Happy new years, y’all!!!!

Pictures of Christmas Eve:

me and my diet food

me and the cool family

me and my comp joking around about the appearance of evil….


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