NO Transfer!

5 Jan

WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! the transfers didn´t touch us!! i´m still here! with my rad comp! Looking at 7 months straight in spanish!!!  apparently all of the gringa hermanas have started calling me the phenomenon. they think this is like, the biggest challenge ever. that i am demonstrating like, herculean endurance.  i think that´s funny. apparently its unheard of for a gringa who left for the mission with absolutely no spanish experience to be with latinas 4 changes in a row. honestly, it´s all a lot easier this way. i´m listening and learning all the time. i don´t have to guess what people are saying. it´s all quite nice.
i´m totally and completely stoked out of my brains! seriously. we already know the people here, and have lots of exciting plans for the work, we teach together well… and…
she has another convert who´s going to the temple this change!!   i feel rill blessed.
we went to the temple this week on saturday, 2 sessions in a row, and it was reaaaaaaaalllyyyy nice.   really really nice. it´s totally worth 8 hours in a horrible, uncomfortable, bus that stops in every forsaken Little town in the entire west coast of this country to get there. Totally worth it… to find myself in a place where the spirit is unrestrained. So, everybody, cuz i love you all, go to the temple, in whatever sphere you can.

Also, this week, we finally got in touch with some investigators we had, whom we hadn´t been able to contact for a while. We knocked on the door, and the husband invited us in.
We came in to see his wife, who had been losing her visión, in a state of delerium in a chair in the living room. She´d lost a lot of weight, didn´t remember who we were, and couldn´t support her own head. It was a big life lesson for me… incredible to see the change in someone… someone you know, deteriorating like that… it makes the whole mortality thing a lot more real. Poor thing. It´s a shame that her husband doesn´t listen when we try to teach him about eternal families… about the atonement, about anything… but i know his wife likes it when we sing to her, and that, at least, we can help bring a Little joy into their home. We can at least distract him a Little, give him a break and let him think and talk about other things for a minute. I´m grateful to be able to help them however i can.

So yeah. That was my week.

Other than that, i´m just uh, studying lots. And yeah. Oh, and it´s way hot. Like, i barely slept last night hot. Thanks for telling me that i´m missing out on the BEST Utah Winter ever. Snow-free. It must be beautiful. Watch, next year, we´ll see 3 feet of snow.


My Mermaid Hair


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