11 Jan

this week was really good.

we met a new investigator, and she is GOLDEN. i love her. she´s a 19 year old single mom. the locals call her gringa. she was really ready when we met her. she understands everything we teach her the first time we teach it, and was almost reading the sheet music of the hymnals the first time she ever went to church yesterday. she´s really special. i think she´s got a really bright future ahead of her. it´s a huge blessing to get to teach her.

other than that? uhm… we´re still teaching a lot of the same smokers, and we´ve found a bunch of new people to teach…

and i think i like uruguay a little better now. or at least pysandú. cuz i found a decent german bakery that sells apple strudel, and i discovered that uruguayan chocolate milk is really good. it tastes like brownie mix.

also, cuz i didn´t get robbed this month. so far.

the other day, when we were waiting for the bus to return from montevideo, we went in to a little bookstore in the terminal, wherein i bought a spanish-german dictionary. i am now learning german again, from spanish. don´t tell me i am not hardcore. i´m not gonna lie, sometimes it´s a pretty big headache… but hey. sometimes i learn spanish words from the german ones i knew.

i also now do almost all of my studying in spanish. i read books and liahonas in spanish and feel completely normal about it. it´s pretty rad.

this week an elder who´d served in my ward a year and a half ago came back with his fiancee and his parents to baptise the 8 year old daughter of one of his converts in our ward. which means i had to translate for a sweet old couple from colorado. which was good to do a little english speaking for a minute there. It was a really weird reality shock to see normal north american people again. I had almost completely forgotten what people like them were like.

also, i´m helping my comp learn english, so we made a rule that we only speak english in the house. i think she´s a genius. she speaks reaaaaallly well.

uh, what else? i´m going to have a local lady make a dress for me… uhhhhhhhhhmmm….

i can´t even begin to explain how terrified i´ve become of the idea of coming home… not only because i´m going to have to try to get a life again, but also because part of getting a life means i´m going to have to finally study all of that math. i still have no idea how that´s going to work out. oh well. i have ten more months to be worry free!!!

oh! elder bowen, from the area presidency is coming to our little ward this sunday! the bishop told us at lunch yesterday cuz he´s terrified. we told him not to worry about it, cuz, i dunno, usually area authorities show up to help and bless the Ward and do nice things like that. We told him to be excited.

Oh, and as you could probably tell from my comment about chocolate milk and Apple strudel, my gallbladder is still behaving splendidly. Thank heavens.

Send dan and teenie and marsh all of my love. I love ýall immensely, and you´re all always in my prayers, and i hope that you all keep on truckin´.

This is our awesome investigator.

This is a dedication to how rad my companion is.

The artsy photos are dedicated to the Madsen family.


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