14 Jan

This is what’s cool about having a companion who is half Lebanese.   I might try this out on campus when I get home.

A mud-covered dude in a rainstorm in the street

Laura Bush!!!1

This is me doing a bit of horticulture. Definitely the best thing I’ve found under a grocery bag ever.

I took this hoping to be able to make you guess what this is, but it turns out it’s pretty obvious. But it’s not coffee. It’s like, cebada or malta-that imitation stuff. But it IS art!

This is when it was so hot and humid that when we got to a member’s house, I collapsed on their bed. only for a few minutes.

This is the baptism of Javier. He’s pretty rad.

Visiting Pocitos after the conference with Elder Bednar.

Aparecio! The Japanese Gaucho! He cooked me a special fat-free asado. I hope you’re getting a load of his fridge. Yes, those are Lion King stickers. He put them there himself.


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