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22 Feb

Dear mom!

I´m glad to hear you´re all doing so well.  Tell teenie i know she´s going to totally rock her rotations.

I´m an english speaker again. I feel weird about that. We wander around in the streets telling stories, and i feel like i am speaking some kind of code. It kinda makes me feel guilty…but i slip and speak english all the time anyway.

My new comp is half chinese and from payson, utah. Her dad likes to send her packages of chinese food ingredients, and she´s waiting for materials to study chinese. I think this is totally rad, and i am very pleased to get to eat chinese food and learn chinese with her. She is a business student and one of those people who LIKES math, so i don´t really get her sometimes,but we still get along really well. At least our love of food will always bring us together.

The other night, she admitted to me, that back in the day, she loved frappucinos… the coffee ones, but of course, had given them up.

Then she told me of an idea she´d had…. Using the very common fake instant coffee powder—malta, or ceibada, or the best and the strongest, amanecer…. To make a frappucino.

We both then got extremely excited and ran to our local corner store, bought the amanecer, ice, milk, and sugar.

Then i mixed it in the blender.

And then my mouth and soul began to sing. amancer frapuccinos are an out-of-south-america experience. They taste REAL.

I now plan to buy and bring home an entire suitcase of this instant fake coffee. I hope to enjoy these regularly for the rest of my life.

Other than that, we´ve just been getting the area going in a little bit of a different direction. It´s nice to have someone with a fresh perspective. We´ve met some really, really prepared investigators, so things are looking up.

I still feel kinda weird though. I mean, hna moreno grew to be like, my wife. Now i feel like i was forcefully wifeswapped, and i feel all kinds of disoriented. Oh well. My new comp is a nice person with lots of good traits to learn from, too.

So yeah. The church is true, the Lord hears and answers prayers, and grants us even little desires sometimes… like worthy frappucinos and chinese food. May we all call upon him at all times and all things.



New Companion

16 Feb

good news!  I am still loving pysandu. but unfortunately, I´m going to be learning to love a new comp.  But that was inevitable. oh well… it was good while it lasted.

other than that, estefania´s crazy ex boyfriend showed us a good time this week by stalking her and then beating her up, aaaaannndd, we went to the temple! it was a really long trip, and the first time i slept through a session.  but it was still really good.  thanks to my comp´s convert, i got to see my first sealing session, and i loved it.  i learned a lot.

uh, what else… my new comp is a gringa… which i think will actually be a little hard for me to get used to at this point, as i have only read and written in english for a long time.  speaking it is now weird to me.  we have weird accents.

oh, and i used that first aid kit for the first time, bandaging up my comp´s foot after she walked really far in shoes with holes in the soles….

ummm… and we taught lessons and sang songs this week… it rained….

and i´m tired.  and nervous to meet my new comp.

i´m glad to hear that the family is well!

the church is true! the savior loves us, and we should all read the scriptures.  and pray.  always.

i love you family!!


15 Feb

The blind girl with the guitar is seranna, and she´s super rad.  She sang this song about hope, and people cried.

These pictures are from a lunch we did.

This is what my comp and I do when we come home at night.  Stick our heads on church art pictures and laugh really hard.  An elder taught us that trick.

The girl with the maté is a sweet little investigator who asked us to teach her.  But she left town.  She´s an orphan.  Poor dear.

This is me making a shoe insole out of cardboard for my comp, cuz she walked a hole the size of a quarter in her shoe, and wants to keep using them until she gets her money from her parents, who are in Spain right now.

9 Feb


 Yesterday, my comp and i went on a trip to fray bentos, one of her old areas, to visit one of her converts. Fray bentos is the nicest place i´ve seen in Uruguay since Montevideo. Nicer, actually, cuz it´s a lot calmer and smaller and has lots of trees next to the river shore. It´s a beautiful place. This beautiful place is also full of a lot of beautiful people. We visited a lot of the members there, and they´re all really, really cool. Really interesting people, from whom i bet i could learn a lot.

Other than that, Estefanía got baptised last week!!!! It was the best day of my misión!!! She was sooo prepared. She bore her testimony, saying she´s grateful and excited to be able to raise her daughter in the gospel. I´ll send pictures next week.

What else? Uuuhhhmm… we have transfers next week. And it´s almost completely sure that i will have a new companion. And also likely a new area. Weird. Lame. Being away from pysandú yesterday, and making visits in fray bentos, i got to missing pysandú. The feeling of knowing i´m in the place the lord has sent me to in the right time. It wasn´t the same, teaching out of my area. I´m glad to be back in my area. But we´ll see what my area is next week…

I´m really grateful to be in the true church, working for a living God, who gives us inspiration. It´s so great to be able to help people exactly the way they need it by listening to the spirit. It´s great to get the help i personally need. It´s amazing how the lord has every single living human being in mind, all the time. How he hears and answers all of our prayers, even while my comp and i say personal prayers at the same time, which i imagine would be super confusing for me, if i had to do that sort of multitasking, simultaneously listening to, and answering both prayers at the same time. But that´s one of many, many things that the Lord does that blows my mind. Just another reason to love the Lord.

Also, i am really, really excited that we´re all studying principles of the gospel the next two years in church. The new manual is incredible. The creation chapters are really good. It is highly recommended reading.

 So yeah. To my friends, please accept another lame apology. I totally did not get to write letters this week. You are not forgotten. When i find myself having p-days with my likely lame new companion who will not have cool trips to go on in 2 weeks, i will be free to send yáll all of my love. Please feel my love anyway, until then.

Ps- Amanda, i have terrible news. Take a deep breath…. The virgin mary did not protect the package you so lovingly sent. … least, as far as i can tell. LAME. I should have gotten it 2 weeks ago. And if it´s running this late, well… in south america… that means i shall never know it. I´m so sorry!!!! What a bummer. Thanks for trying. i´ll send you a letter soon.

 I´m glad to hear grandpa´s surgery went well. And that teenie´s getting things all worked out. I hope marsh´s car situation gets figured out, and tell dan he´s rad. I love you mom!! I anxiously await the package!! Here´s wishing you a little more free time.


Ps- i forgot to tell you, i totally got the book and the mentos and the skittles 2 weeks ago, and am thoroughly enjoying all of it. Thanks!

1 Feb

Dear mom!

Summer here is hot.  And humid.  I washed my hair this morning and now, 11 hours later, it still is not completely dry.  Mosquitos thrive here, and i have so many bites on my feet that i look like i have chicken pox. And this is with the use of bug spray.  My comp tries to console me, saying that my scars are gonna be really good souvineers from Uruguay. I think i´d rather just keep a mate gourd.

we had a pretty intense week. Estefanía, our rad investigador, got in a fight with her ex boyfriend, and we got caught up in the middle cuz he blamed us for raising her self esteem so she fought back when he hit her or her daughter. We ended up paying her taxi so she could report him to the cops, and trying to avoid her ex as he showed up at church on Sunday to fight with us.  It all got resolved when we convinced him to come to the church yesterday afternoon, and the bishop talked some sense into him.  Poor guy is pretty messed up.  But it made for a stressful couple of days.  On the bright side, it all got settled, the ex is behaving much better, and Estefanía is gonna be baptised this week!!!!

And we met another really great investigator. She´s 23, really bubbly, and already has a testimony of the book of mormon.  I´m excited to get to teach her, too.  Then an older couple we met showed us their wedding pictures, and they were really cool.  Black and white pictures from the mid 70´s.  it was a nice little art moment.  Then my comp and i saw a news clip of the uruguayan parliament in one of their meetings, and it rocked my World. The government officials were all hanging out, dressed casually, drinking mate while addressing really important social issues. I think that´s way cooler than US congressmen in their fancy suits.

I want to write something spiritual, but this kid who´s working in this Internet café is listening to really loud reggeaton.  I´m just gonna say that i´m really, really really, reaaaaaallllyy grateful for the opportunity the lord gave me to come out here and serve a misión.  I´ve learned so many things.  I´m so happy.  So fulfilled.  It´s so nice to feel like i´m helping with the purest, goodest cause there is.  The Lord is teaching me lots of lessons to use in my future when i get home.  making it to the celestial kingdom is a full-time aspiration.  I just want everybody i love to believe in miracles.  The miracles that can happen in their very own lives.  The Lord wants to make us happy.  To give us what we really need, if we just follow his lead.  I know this from personal experience.  The church is true.

I love you, mom!  I love you sibs!  Tell dan to keep on rocking.  Tell teenie to name one of her fish after me.  Tell marshall hi!  Tell grandpa he´s in my prayers with his surgery.