1 Feb

Dear mom!

Summer here is hot.  And humid.  I washed my hair this morning and now, 11 hours later, it still is not completely dry.  Mosquitos thrive here, and i have so many bites on my feet that i look like i have chicken pox. And this is with the use of bug spray.  My comp tries to console me, saying that my scars are gonna be really good souvineers from Uruguay. I think i´d rather just keep a mate gourd.

we had a pretty intense week. Estefanía, our rad investigador, got in a fight with her ex boyfriend, and we got caught up in the middle cuz he blamed us for raising her self esteem so she fought back when he hit her or her daughter. We ended up paying her taxi so she could report him to the cops, and trying to avoid her ex as he showed up at church on Sunday to fight with us.  It all got resolved when we convinced him to come to the church yesterday afternoon, and the bishop talked some sense into him.  Poor guy is pretty messed up.  But it made for a stressful couple of days.  On the bright side, it all got settled, the ex is behaving much better, and Estefanía is gonna be baptised this week!!!!

And we met another really great investigator. She´s 23, really bubbly, and already has a testimony of the book of mormon.  I´m excited to get to teach her, too.  Then an older couple we met showed us their wedding pictures, and they were really cool.  Black and white pictures from the mid 70´s.  it was a nice little art moment.  Then my comp and i saw a news clip of the uruguayan parliament in one of their meetings, and it rocked my World. The government officials were all hanging out, dressed casually, drinking mate while addressing really important social issues. I think that´s way cooler than US congressmen in their fancy suits.

I want to write something spiritual, but this kid who´s working in this Internet café is listening to really loud reggeaton.  I´m just gonna say that i´m really, really really, reaaaaaallllyy grateful for the opportunity the lord gave me to come out here and serve a misión.  I´ve learned so many things.  I´m so happy.  So fulfilled.  It´s so nice to feel like i´m helping with the purest, goodest cause there is.  The Lord is teaching me lots of lessons to use in my future when i get home.  making it to the celestial kingdom is a full-time aspiration.  I just want everybody i love to believe in miracles.  The miracles that can happen in their very own lives.  The Lord wants to make us happy.  To give us what we really need, if we just follow his lead.  I know this from personal experience.  The church is true.

I love you, mom!  I love you sibs!  Tell dan to keep on rocking.  Tell teenie to name one of her fish after me.  Tell marshall hi!  Tell grandpa he´s in my prayers with his surgery.


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