9 Feb


 Yesterday, my comp and i went on a trip to fray bentos, one of her old areas, to visit one of her converts. Fray bentos is the nicest place i´ve seen in Uruguay since Montevideo. Nicer, actually, cuz it´s a lot calmer and smaller and has lots of trees next to the river shore. It´s a beautiful place. This beautiful place is also full of a lot of beautiful people. We visited a lot of the members there, and they´re all really, really cool. Really interesting people, from whom i bet i could learn a lot.

Other than that, Estefanía got baptised last week!!!! It was the best day of my misión!!! She was sooo prepared. She bore her testimony, saying she´s grateful and excited to be able to raise her daughter in the gospel. I´ll send pictures next week.

What else? Uuuhhhmm… we have transfers next week. And it´s almost completely sure that i will have a new companion. And also likely a new area. Weird. Lame. Being away from pysandú yesterday, and making visits in fray bentos, i got to missing pysandú. The feeling of knowing i´m in the place the lord has sent me to in the right time. It wasn´t the same, teaching out of my area. I´m glad to be back in my area. But we´ll see what my area is next week…

I´m really grateful to be in the true church, working for a living God, who gives us inspiration. It´s so great to be able to help people exactly the way they need it by listening to the spirit. It´s great to get the help i personally need. It´s amazing how the lord has every single living human being in mind, all the time. How he hears and answers all of our prayers, even while my comp and i say personal prayers at the same time, which i imagine would be super confusing for me, if i had to do that sort of multitasking, simultaneously listening to, and answering both prayers at the same time. But that´s one of many, many things that the Lord does that blows my mind. Just another reason to love the Lord.

Also, i am really, really excited that we´re all studying principles of the gospel the next two years in church. The new manual is incredible. The creation chapters are really good. It is highly recommended reading.

 So yeah. To my friends, please accept another lame apology. I totally did not get to write letters this week. You are not forgotten. When i find myself having p-days with my likely lame new companion who will not have cool trips to go on in 2 weeks, i will be free to send yáll all of my love. Please feel my love anyway, until then.

Ps- Amanda, i have terrible news. Take a deep breath…. The virgin mary did not protect the package you so lovingly sent. …..at least, as far as i can tell. LAME. I should have gotten it 2 weeks ago. And if it´s running this late, well… in south america… that means i shall never know it. I´m so sorry!!!! What a bummer. Thanks for trying. i´ll send you a letter soon.

 I´m glad to hear grandpa´s surgery went well. And that teenie´s getting things all worked out. I hope marsh´s car situation gets figured out, and tell dan he´s rad. I love you mom!! I anxiously await the package!! Here´s wishing you a little more free time.


Ps- i forgot to tell you, i totally got the book and the mentos and the skittles 2 weeks ago, and am thoroughly enjoying all of it. Thanks!


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