New Companion

16 Feb

good news!  I am still loving pysandu. but unfortunately, I´m going to be learning to love a new comp.  But that was inevitable. oh well… it was good while it lasted.

other than that, estefania´s crazy ex boyfriend showed us a good time this week by stalking her and then beating her up, aaaaannndd, we went to the temple! it was a really long trip, and the first time i slept through a session.  but it was still really good.  thanks to my comp´s convert, i got to see my first sealing session, and i loved it.  i learned a lot.

uh, what else… my new comp is a gringa… which i think will actually be a little hard for me to get used to at this point, as i have only read and written in english for a long time.  speaking it is now weird to me.  we have weird accents.

oh, and i used that first aid kit for the first time, bandaging up my comp´s foot after she walked really far in shoes with holes in the soles….

ummm… and we taught lessons and sang songs this week… it rained….

and i´m tired.  and nervous to meet my new comp.

i´m glad to hear that the family is well!

the church is true! the savior loves us, and we should all read the scriptures.  and pray.  always.

i love you family!!


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