22 Feb

Dear mom!

I´m glad to hear you´re all doing so well.  Tell teenie i know she´s going to totally rock her rotations.

I´m an english speaker again. I feel weird about that. We wander around in the streets telling stories, and i feel like i am speaking some kind of code. It kinda makes me feel guilty…but i slip and speak english all the time anyway.

My new comp is half chinese and from payson, utah. Her dad likes to send her packages of chinese food ingredients, and she´s waiting for materials to study chinese. I think this is totally rad, and i am very pleased to get to eat chinese food and learn chinese with her. She is a business student and one of those people who LIKES math, so i don´t really get her sometimes,but we still get along really well. At least our love of food will always bring us together.

The other night, she admitted to me, that back in the day, she loved frappucinos… the coffee ones, but of course, had given them up.

Then she told me of an idea she´d had…. Using the very common fake instant coffee powder—malta, or ceibada, or the best and the strongest, amanecer…. To make a frappucino.

We both then got extremely excited and ran to our local corner store, bought the amanecer, ice, milk, and sugar.

Then i mixed it in the blender.

And then my mouth and soul began to sing. amancer frapuccinos are an out-of-south-america experience. They taste REAL.

I now plan to buy and bring home an entire suitcase of this instant fake coffee. I hope to enjoy these regularly for the rest of my life.

Other than that, we´ve just been getting the area going in a little bit of a different direction. It´s nice to have someone with a fresh perspective. We´ve met some really, really prepared investigators, so things are looking up.

I still feel kinda weird though. I mean, hna moreno grew to be like, my wife. Now i feel like i was forcefully wifeswapped, and i feel all kinds of disoriented. Oh well. My new comp is a nice person with lots of good traits to learn from, too.

So yeah. The church is true, the Lord hears and answers prayers, and grants us even little desires sometimes… like worthy frappucinos and chinese food. May we all call upon him at all times and all things.



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