Halfway Mark!

2 Mar
it seems to be falling up (feeling like Fall) nicely around here. there is still sun, but the air is cooler, and we have been followed by nice breezes the whole week. it seems to be perfect mission weather.
audrey and marcus had another baby??? how rad! i had been wondering if any of the cousins were having more kids. tell them congrats! she is reaaaaally cute! and i really like the name they chose for her, too. i hope to get to meet her sometime soon.
the only sort of hope chest i am keeping for my future, november and onward, is a list of baby name ideas. i have found some good ones down here. and if there is anything to it, it looks like i will have pure daughters.
this last sunday was officially my 9 month halfway point, so my comp took pictures of me burning an old pair of nylons with holes in them. it was fun. burned nylons make melted plastic puddles on tile floors. but it came up nicely, and the chemical burn smell didnt linger too long, either.
it is wierd to think i am half done. and officially on the finishing end of things, instead of the beginning end of things. and that in less than nine months, i will be acting as an adult again. but i am really glad that i still have time to enjoy this!!
my comp is on the six months to sexy mission ending weightloss plan, something well known by the hermanas, and she is thrilled to death to be accompanying me on my oil free diet. we have really good culinary chemistry, and we have continued to invent cheap and healthy and delicious things out of limited uruguayan ingrediants.
today, i decided to face my fears and attempted to develop a little more love for eggplant. cuz i had always hated it before the mission, and it was a constant restaurant menu bummer. also, it is one of the only interesting things to get here, so i took it on.
i cooked it with tomatoes and lemon juice and the FRESH BASIL i found, which is like, the find of my life down here. and it was quite tasty. i ate it with rice.
so, i like eggplant now!!
other than that, the work is going well. we have continued to meet lots of prepared people, who seem to be making changes in their lives to accept the gospel and come unto christ. one of these great people, is a 65 year old man. his wife is 51. that is 14 years apart. we got on the topic of marriage, telling them the usual, missionaries are normal people and we will get married and have families when we get home…. speal, and he got very serious, and told us he had one piece of advice for us. he said, marry an older man. because women age faster than men, raising the kids and taking hair of the house and stuff, so if you are younger than him, when you start to age, he will not have wandering eyes. huh. that is something to consider, i guess. kind of a totally chauvenistic outlook, but it is something interesting to consider.
this other pic is one of my artsy successes. it actually looks kinda nice, i think. this is a sweet little member girl and my ex comp, looking at pictures in a restaurant where we ate lunch.
ooohh, and today everything is closed and there are canons going off cuz it is the inauguration day of the new president of uruguay, pepe mujica. he is a communist, and wants to get all yankees, and the church out of here cuz one time he tried to go to the montevideo temple, and they wouldnt let him in. and he is still mad. so thats exciting!!
so yeah. the church is true! everybody study the scriptures, and the teachings of the modern and living prophets. i now have a really huge book collection. i just cannot get enough doctrine. i am really enjoying this world sabbatical time to study lots of doctrine. if anybody has anything interesting to send me sometime, send it my way!!
i love you mom, and i miss you! that goes for the siblings too. and all extended family members. and friends!!
ps- taking CARE of the house. not hair. english is weird.

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