9 Mar


we had the baptism of augustina this week. in the pic, that is augustina. she is adorable. totally prepared. she asked the bishop to take the lessons with us. she´s an orphan, but she lives with her less active aunt, and her aunt got her parents´ temple work done. she even came home from her vacation on a really nice beach early to get baptised sooner. she´s a real special kid.   the service was really spiritual–probably comes in second to estefania´s baptism. everybody cried. her aunt bore a beautiful testimony. i got to give the talk and i told her how excited her parents must be that she´s gotten baptised… cuz now she´s a lot closer to being ready to get sealed with her parents for eternity. it was a really beautiful experience.

other than that, we taught a LOT more of the restoration, still looking for lots of new investigators…. and…. um….

i bought a pair of gaucho shoes made of twine! i love them, and i intend to bring home about 14 pairs, to wear them as art studio shoes for the rest of my life.

aaaaannnnndddddd, my comp and i did something really silly the other day. we were in the grocery store, looking for brown rice, when a woman called us over and offered us a sample of some fancy blueberry juice. we accepted, and drank. and i thought, ´gee, this tastes really funny. it feels weird, too. huh. strong blueberries!´ then my comp, who tried alchohol in her inactive days, got a startled look on her face, and grabbed the box to read it.

so i tried my first wine cooler on my mission!!!!!!!!

hahaha. lame. only i would do that. oh well. it wasn´t even that good. at least now i know what it´s like, right?

what else? we had a big fancy conference the other day… i got to see my mtc comp, hermana vogel, second to the left in the picture, aaaaand, they gave us water filtering water bottles! so now we can drink tap water! at first the thought of having to suck all of my water through the same straw on the bottle for nine months kinda grossed me out, but it hasn´t been too unpleasant so far. up until now, we´d been drinking only bottled water. and they gave me a second filter that i wont even need for another year, so i get one more year´s use out of that baby! which makes me want to go on a wilderness adventure someday when i am not a missionary anymore.

i keep having weird dreams where i am a missionary but on mission vacation and in utah and breaking lots of rules, but not caring cuz i´m not in the place i was called to anyway. they´re weird dreams.

so yeah.

oh, i would like to make a public apology to all of the people whose birthdays i have forgotten, or who have birthdays this month, who will not receive cards in time. i just realized this week what date it really is, and it only hit me then that i had forgotten tons of birthdays.

so, to those i love, um, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!!!! i love you! i love you! i haven´t forgotten you!!

also, to the other non birthdayers, and some birthdayers, if you haven´t heard from me for a while, and if you still don´t hear from me sometime after this, it is the office elders´s fault. they sort the mail that goes to the states, and it appears, are being extremely negligent.

so yeah. tell marshall hi! and he should write me! tell dan hi and the same! and teenie hi and the same too!  I am glad you are doing well!

ok, so, until next week, chau!!

ps- i totally felt nothing of the earthquake in chile. and i just found out yesterday what happened in haiti. lame.


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