16 Mar

thanks dan, for the valentine! i love it. and did you cut that heart out yourself? if so, you should feel really good about your art skillz. it´s totally symmetrical! you are a great brother. it totally made my day.

so, what happened this week?
i have made a vow to take lots of pictures. cuz i only have 8 more months out here, and im realizing that it´ll be over before i know it. and i want to remember all of this uruguayan goodness forever. also, because it is a really good art outlet, and it makes wandering around the streets all day a good 30 percent funner. it also helps us to meet investigators in interesting ways. while i was taking a picture of the carpincho, we contacted the neighbors! oh, and that jw whose tree i climbed way back in salto? she got baptised with her daughters!!
so, other than that, we met a weird bug this week. this is it in the picture. it landed on my comp and then flew away, leaving on her a hot, burning red welt. it died, and the next morning i stepped on it, and it felt like someone had shoved a sewing needle through my toe. that is one poisonous bug. and they´re everywhere!!! they are called chinchas.

this is an evil bug.

uuum, there is someone power drilling 4 feet away from me… and now the kid who runs this place is listening to moby! woah!
we met a really good investigator this week. he understands the gospel and wants to get baptised. all he needs is to get married, which shouldn´t be too hard. i think we´re going to see lots of miracles in that house.
it´s weird for me to think that my time in pysandú will probably come to an end in like, 2 weeks. i have been here for six months!! it seems unreal. i can´t even imagine myself being a missionary somewhere else. i feel like i am closing up shop, and most of the investigators we´re meeting are the right people who were waiting to hear the gospel from my companion— and i´ll be meeting the new group that needs me in a couple of weeks.
ooooh, and it´s general conference soon. my comp and i read a good talk about God´s love in the may of ´09 liahona. i recommend it.
as always, i recommend to everyone i know and love that they do whatever is within their reach to draw closer to Heavenly Father. He loves us so much. and every time i get to understanding it a little more, it blows my mind. The gospel is such a beautiful, perfect thing. prepared out of SO much love. we exist because of love. we exist TO love. to lift eachother up, to acknowledge and fulfill our divine nature.
the most fulfillment i have ever found has been trusting in the will of the Lord.
i love y´all!!!!

this is maria del carmen, a less active lady who feeds us lunch every saturday. as you can see, her leg is banaged, cuz…. she suffered a common local injury. she knocked her maté hot water thermos over, and the water was so hot, it gave her second degree burns.

so we visited her. she is also cool, because she lets us play her piano. i learned how to play the right hand of ´i am a child of God´ in 4 tries!!

THIS is a carpincho. or, giant hampster. a local gaucho delicacy. as you can see, it is tied up in someones´s front yard. they are pretty mean creatures.

i practice my own book art skills in the mission. i covered that book with a map, a marker, and packaging tape. do you like my stylish gaucho pants? me too. ooh, and check out the mission shoe tan!


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