23 Mar

Note from Allison’s Mom:

Allison has a new email address, effective immediately.  I will forward it to my email contact list, but if I miss you, feel free to contact me and I will email it to you.

The first part of Allison’s letter is in response to my telling her a couple of  stories.  The first is about a missionary that she knows from our ward in Seattle.  He is serving in the Chile area and experienced the earthquakes and witnessed the tsunami.    The second is the story of the wife of one of the Chilean mission presidents who heard a voice in the middle of the night warning her that an earthquake was coming and to prepare the missionaries.    If you would like to read the story, here is the link:



Man, that´s so true about the chile missionaries. it doesn´t surprise me in the least that the Lord was preparing his servants in advance. he´s always got our backs. that is a way crazy story! small world! i hope not to be able to tell stories like THAT from my mission. good thing ´uruguay es un pais tranquilo´ (uruguay is a chill, or tranquil? country), like folks are always telling me. no earthquake faults. no tornados, no tsunami threats. just local drunks, which all things considered, are pretty friendly, too. it´s pretty rad. people all the time tell me, in their cement houses with moldy walls and roofs that rattle and leak when it rains, that they live in paradise. and they´re right. they appreciate what they have, so they really do live in bliss.

i developed a much stronger testimony of the relief society last week. how inspired of a program it is, in spite of the alcoholic cake. maria del carmen´s son is a brat and a jerk and is mad at her about something her ex husband said, so he won´t help her do anything while she is stuck on bed rest. in fact, he trashed the house, to boot. so we went over last week, cleaned the house for her, made her lunch, and a cake, and watched ´together forever´ and the restoration DVD with her. and while we were there, 2 other hermanas from the rs stopped by. i don´t know. it´s just… so fulfilling to help a sister out. to know that doing our part in the program of rs will help us to continue to become more like Christ and meet our eternal goals, helping our sisters do the same.
so i hereby repent for almost never doing my visiting teaching before the mission.

other than that, we got locked in our house on Wednesday night!! we were all ready to leave, had said our prayer, went to open the door, aaaaaannndd, the handle of the door lock broke off. so we called our ward mission leader who lives in the same apartment complex, and while he was busting us out, (and as we learned later, suffering a fair bit of blood loss that i had to clean up) we did a foot spa with an oatmeal bath and pedicures. and we made a microwave carrot cake. we then profusely thanked him for the sacrifice of his index finger on our part.

last night, i came home to a tragedy. in the rainstorm we had yesterday, the winds blew our window open and all of my study journals and english scriptures got soaking wet. i was really, really bummed. oh well. i guess my posterity will get to enjoy a little more worn-out charm with my relics in the years to come.

speaking of years to come, last week, i noticed that i have developed my first AGE SPOT!!! i´m oooooooooooooold!!!!! i´m going to come home an old woman!! at least it´s on my hand. i don´t even know what i would do, were it on my face. blessed be facial sunscreen.

this startling discovery really got me to thinking though. cuz i really will be an old woman before i know it. kind of like the mission will end before i know it. it makes me want to take much better advantage of today while i´m in it. cuz everything has an end, except for cool gospel things.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLEN!! i love you giiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrl!!

for your birthday, the universe freed that package you sent me in JANUARY from customs, and i received it!! thank you so much for the beautiful scarf!!!! it´s exactly what i wanted! i even almost asked my mom to ask you to go to the attic and pick out one of my pretty scarves to send me. but now i have this new beautiful one!!

i miss youª!!!!11

so yeah. i love momª! and siblings, and the mission and the gospel!


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