31 Mar

it is transfers week.

it´s going to be strange to leave pysandú. i witnessed a birth, then a death, and have watched people´s children grow. i am full gratitude for the loving care of the Lord… that he sent me here, and let me stay and learn and grow and love so much for so long. pysandú will always hold a very special place in my heart. the experiences i was blessed with here have truly changed my life.

so instead of being sad about leaving, i am grateful. and i will always treasure the wonderful experience that it was.

tonight, i´m getting on a bus to Salto. a different ward than the one i served in last time. and i´m excited to get to see so many of the wonderful people i know there at the stake center while we watch general conference. i´m excited to be able to speak to them fluidly in spanish and see how they´re doing. oh, and my new comp is another gringa.

i am also, of course, stoked for general conference!!!!!!!

other than that, my comp and i topped off our word of wisdom breaking trend of our change in our final week together, wherein—

my comp received a package from her mom with a bunch of single serving tubes of the off brand crystal light mix. what she didn´t notice was that some of them were an energy drink mix, each tube containing the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee´s worth of caffeine.

that night, she drank two tubes of the energy drink mix….

and did not get to sleep until five in the morning. i woke up to go to the bathroom at like, 3, and looked over and saw her sitting up with her eyes wide open. and it startled me.

she then spent the next few days with a crashing headache. and we both now have much stronger testimonies of the word of wisdom, and prophetic counsel against energy drinks. she was out of it for days.

so yeah. the rest of the week was spent saying goodbye to my investigators and member friends around here. i think my favorite goodbye was that of the japonese gaucho. he told me, ´you should lose a little more weight so you can find a really good husband. you´ve already lost quite a bit, but… yeah.´ haahahaha. the best part is that it was really sincere and genuine. he really wants me to have a happy married life when i get back… and that was the best piece of advice he had for me. i love these folks.

the nice old man from the familia giosa (people in the green house in the pic from last week) told me he hoped i´d meet the man i need when i get back, and that he prays that i will never lose my smile. that was really sweet. i´m sad i won´t be there for his baptism.

i love how family based the folks around here are. when they wish you well, they wish you a happy marriage and lots of healthy children. and they´re totally right. that is the best way to wish someone happiness. to live a long life surrounded by loved ones.

and to finish off, I want to share my testimony-

The Lord Jesus Christ is our loving older brother, and our savior. I know he lives and loves me, and I love him too. I know he personally directs this church through modern revelation, and that following the teachings of the prophets, we will return to live with him, and our loved ones, for eternity.

I am so grateful for all of the incredible blessings I have received. The miracles I have seen, and how much I have witnessed the Lord´s hand in my life. How he inspires us and arranges everything to help us learn and grow and find joy therein.

truly His work and His glory is to bring about the eternal life–everlasting joy–of mankind.

I want everyone who reads this to know that the Lord loves them. and that I love them too, and I pray for you all.

i love you mom and brothers and sister and dad! and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends!

happy conference, and happy Easter!


oh! also! the age spot is not a real age spot. it went away, and then i found new spots on the other side of my hand. my friend olga who is a nurse, told me they are spots that show up from having too much bile in my blood from my gallbadder problems!

This is the family of the local bishop.  i love them so much.  i´m gonna miss them soooo much.

This is me in the sunset, looking sad cuz i´ma miss pysandú.

This is the bathroom in my apartment.

this is a neat bean.


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