5 Apr

Happy late Easter!

my new ward is nice. we went to a relief society activity to meet people, and i´m really excited, cuz both the rs prez and the first counselor are WORKING ARTISTS!! they are painters!! i first noticed their cool jewelery. then i was like, ´huh, i feel really comfortable around these ladies´. then they said they were artists, and it all made sense. they´re super rad. i hope i get to do some pday painting with them. or maybe they will just let me smell their oil paints sometime. ( yes, i even miss the smell). they are also really good, spiritual rs leaders. all of the women feel comfortable and have a lot of fun together. so i have 2 good role models in my ward!

also, my comp is finishing her mission this change, and wants to go to lots of art museums on p days. it´ll be nice to be a little more artsy after almost 11 artless months.

i am so blessed!

i feel almost like i´ve been landed in my normal life again. except i still keep the schedule and in all other respects, function as a missionary. but i can talk art!!!!!

also, general conference was incredible. i loved the talks about… well, i loved all of them. but i especially loved the ones about families… the plan of salvation… repentance.. man, the gospel is so beautiful, and so perfect. and so fulfilling.

also, the choir sang my favorite hymn! christ the lord is risen today. i love that hymn. it was kinda nice to know that at least during conference, all the people i love and i were probably doing the same thing i was at the same time.

i love the prophet. there is such a sweet spìrit of love that can be felt when he talks to us. i´m grateful that there are good people in the world like him who love the Lord so much, and listen so keenly to the spirit to help us all out.

can you do me a favor and uh… find all of the transcripts of the conference talks and email them to me? cuz if i wait to get the liahona in english out here, well, i will be waiting until sometime like august.

i also loved the talk about family history. the spirit of elias, who will turn the hearts of the children to the parents. i just wanna tell you family, i really love you guys. even more now than ever, even though i haven´t seen you, or heard much from you siblings for a while (WRITE ME!!  cough. cough). and i don´t think it´s just the absence that´s making my heart grow fonder. really, i´ve thought about each one of you individually, mom, dan, teenie, and marsh… and i pray for you all a lot. i hope you pray for me, too. it´ll be so nice to see y´all in seven short months.

so yeah. like i said last week, The Lord lives and loves us and will guide us through all the challenges in this life if we call upon him, with faith. i loved the quote from one of the sessions that said, ´all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord´. they really do. everything we are presented with is an opportunity to grow.


This is me and my new comp and new bishop with our sweet new convert, Antonella. She´s beautiful.

This is me and a sweet young girl from a family in the other ward in salto I served in before.


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