12 Apr

it was a fine week. we met lots of really great, decent, friendly and prepared investigators. one is a young family of preacher´s kids. but they really seem to sincerely love God, so I am sure that when they receive the witness of the truth of these things, we´ll probably see them, their parents, and their entire congregation baptized!!!!

other than that, in the middle of testifying to a street contact about the atonement and the cleansing powers of baptism, a fly started buzzing around my face, and i accidentally punched myself in the eye. that was embarassing. and it hurt. then i just laughed at myself and kept testifying anyway. i really lucked out, too, cuz i had a pen in my hand, and if i had been an inch off, i could´ve totally poked my eye out.

uuuuuuum, and the egg noodles they eat here are especially gooey and bland and gross when they serve it with ´salsa blanca´ or, a gravy roux (ok, hot flour and water) that gets cold and sticky. i gagged in front of a member family.   I hope they didn´t notice.

uuum, my companion makes really cool animal noises, my favorites being, chicken, chicken laying an egg, and monkey.

anyway. no big news, really.

i just want to testify to everyone i know and love in the whole world that God is a god of miracles. always has been, and always will be. he also always has been, and will be, our loving father in heaven who created us, and watches over us, like the little children that we still are in His sight.

faith is the first principle in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. it starts everything. the miracles come after our faith. let´s not limit the Lord in His power. prayers are always heard, and always answered. i testify of this, with all the love in my heart.


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