New Mission Address

19 Apr

so yeah. along the with my constant tiredness and inability to digest things, my comp got a gnarly stomach virus that landed us in our apartment for 3 days straight. lucky for me, last p-day, i bought the stuff to learn how to knit. so i got a nice knitting and studying and listening to my comp´s cd´s of the October 2008 general conference sabbatical out of it. and i got to do divisions with a ward member for a few hours, too.

in the divisions, we met a really sweet less active girl who made a bad decision, and, at 16, got pregnant. in meeting her, i felt the lord´s unconditional, powerful love for her. I got to testify to her about repentance and the atonement. i saw the spark of hope light up in her eyes again.

i am so going to miss being a missionary in 7 short months. i will miss being consecrated to the blessing of others. i think it would be nice to be an angel. sometimes experiences like this make me kind of almost feel like i am one. i hope to find other ways to serve the lord like this when November comes.

then, yesterday, right when my comp was feeling better, she woke up in the morning with her left eye swollen shut. she told me it was a result of tiredness. knowing that she was ok, i started to laugh, imagining her making street contacts like that. then i kept laughing until i started laughing so hard, i had to double over cuz i couldn´t breathe. i continued to laugh-cry for another 5 minutes. good thing my comp is such a good sport.

um, let´s see. so yeah. church was really nice this week. i am really grateful for the restored power of the priesthood, and the sacrament.

i also highly recommend reading the liahona. that little magazine carries a powerful spirit with it, and it has answered a lot of my prayers.

i am so glad to hear that things are looking up. you are all still constantly in my prayers.

and now for something IMPORTANT-

i would like everyone to please immediately forget that the avenida italia mission address of mine ever existed.

they changed it to-

Agraciada 2893 #401
Montevideo Uruguay 11.600

this is where all (non-pouch) mail and packages are to be sent starting NOW.

other than that, i got the birthday package and i love it and you rock, mom! all of the clothes fit perfectly. and the red skirt is completely lighting up my wardrobe, and my life. thanks for being such a good mind reader. how did you know i was dying for crystal light?

I love you mom and family and i miss you and i can´t wait to see ýall!



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