3 May

dearest mom,

so. this week, we had that hermanas conference. it was great. we traveled all night to get to montevideo, and when we got there, we sat down to a big, long, meeting.

the hermana started the meeting saying, ´this is not a CONFERENCE, this is a CAPACITATION. a training meeting. we will touch on important, hermana-specific training in our time here.

she then introduced a friend of hers who had flown out to montevideo to visit. she was very carefully dressed, in an array of orange and brown hues with lots of gold jewelery.

i then noticed 4 piles of scarves on the back table, each one labled with a season.

and i thought, oh boyª!!! we are getting DRAPED!!

and so we were. all of us.

turns out i am a summer.

and this knowledge, i have discovered in the past few days, has DEFINITELY made me a much more efficient missionary.

haha. ah, man. i love the never ending huge emphasis they put on how pretty we hermanas are. it´s not like we work with the spirit out here. oh no.

it´s all about having the perfect white and navy blue scarf that´ll make my eyes dance. that´s what´ll soften the hearts of the uruguayan children of God.

but i did get a rad white and navy blue plaid scarf for free out of it… similar to one i almost bought before the mission. so i guess i can´t complain.

then we actually did have a super inspiring talk from the temple president´s wife, and we sang a song about motherhood that made me bawl. so all in all, the trip was worth it. free scarf, good talks.

i also got to sing a RAD churchy pop song for the talent show portion. you know, the kind that starts slow, then gets all passionate in the middle and then calms down at the end. it was really fun. i would never have chosen to sing a song like that as a normal person, but on the mission, it was actually pretty fulfilling. shoot, it just felt nice to sing like, a singer song again. one that uses more of my range and blah blah blah (my poor comp got earfuls about singing technique this week).

so yeah. other than that, my life in uruguay came full circle at church yesterday when a nice old man offered to feed us lunch soon because i´m too skinny. YES!! the fat comments changed to skinny comments!!!!! i almost hugged the man.

ok, not that i really care that much about the fat or skinny thing, but it´s nice to hear for once in my south american life.

i mostly have lost weight just cuz it makes life easier on my poor gallbladder.

anyway. YES, it´s gonna be mothers day. unfortunately, cuz of my comp´s parents coming to get her situation and blahblahblah, i have no idea where i will be on sunday, so giving you calling info as of right now is pretty much impossible.

so, when i get it figured out, i will just call your cell phone really fast and tell you what number to call on mothers day. i will try to let you know on saturday.

i am super excited to talk to you!!!!!

uh, what else?

i think that´s it. other than that, having a comp going home like this has kind of become trunkyfest 2010. it´s been super hard to keep focused. i keep on forgetting that i still have six months out here.

but that´s ok. i will get back into the groove next change, i am sure. especially cuz i´ll probably be senior comp and all responsible and stuff.

tell teenie and marsh that they are both still super in my prayers. and i hope they´re praying for me, too.  oh, and Rock on Dan!!!!!!!!!!!

i love you mom and siblings! i´ll talk to you on sunday!

i recommend ether 12 again this week. also, alma 37.

and, the whole book of mormon. an hermano in his testimony yesterday described the book of mormon as a love letter from heavenly father.

i really liked that. that´s really what it is. if you want to feel his love for you, all you have to do is read it. and pray. with faith.

this me and hna moreno!

this is me, being draped. this is my ´color´. hahaha.



this is my wild birthday night. the cheesecake you sent me is on fire!!!!

it was so delicious. no bake cheesecakes will ALWAYS be well received down here in these parts. thank you so much!


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