11 May

transfers are in my favor this change! i get to stay in my house that i already decorated with lots of pictures, with a companion that i already know, who is super rad. i am way excited. it´s gonna be a really good change.

and other than that, i´m just uh… getting by… with this uruguayan teenager i have to hang out with in the absence of my companion.

she´s like, a radio show. the first morning, as i was trying to study, she came in and started talking to me. that sort of word vomit talking, where all the disinterested body language in the world wouldn´t stop her. she told me all about this guy she is in love with….. who turns out to be my current zone leader…. and commenced reading me the love poetry she wrote for him, and, a few times, got so carried away that she burst into singing love songs. she also enjoys taking to the balcony to meditate her burning love for him when i finally just stop saying, ´mmmm-hmmm.´.

she has been at this for 3 days straight.

and this morning, she PURPOSELY walked in on me while i was showering.

man. i was even ready to forgive her for wearing really strong old lady perfume.

and i really am trying hard to like her.

…but would it be a sin for me to ditch her until my real comp shows up? she´s just kind of got the charm of a mosquito buzzing in my ear.

on the bright side, she is full of excitement to meet people and teach them. which is good, cuz that is what we need to be doing around here anyway.

it was nice to get to go to my old area on sunday and see how the tiny little things my comp and i helped with have grown into big miracles. like that jw whose fruit tree i climbed? not only did she get baptized, but she is releif society prez! the cool family we met right before i left? i got to see the dad get the melchizedek priesthood! it was super encouraging.

uuuuuuuuuhh, and yeah. that´s pretty much it. and i am super excited about my new comp.

and it was super, super nice to get to talk to you, mom and brothers!

i love you! bye!!

ps- i was thinking about thanksgiving, and even if my guts are still killing me, i will be able to eat the turkey and gravy and stuffing and cranberries and rolls. so, it´s TOTALLY still worth it.

this is me, just bein´ the hipster sister that i am.

this is me and my favorite abuelita beba!!! i got to see her on sunday!

my uruguayan teenager loves playing with my camera. this is me, sitting down in the street cuz i´m tired.



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