Yet ANOTHER New Address!

18 May


this week was good. i got my new compie. i like her. she is super cool. except, she really, really loves dogs. i´ve never particularly liked dogs, excluding a select few neighbor dogs from childhood. i especially don´t feel inclined to get friendly with THESE local dogs, cuz they´re all unbathed and disease-ridden, whether they are street dogs or not. but this comp just has a huge heart, and she suffers all local doggies to come unto her. which is weird for me, because every time i am in the thought process of, ´ignore this dog, and it will go away. ignore it, and it WILL go away. happy thoughts, happy thoughts…¨ she begins to whistle and call the very same dogs over to crawl all over her. but this is good. i should probably develop more charity toward dog-kind. so this should help. by the end of this, i should be a straight-up lover of stateside, groomed, and worm-free dogs.

other than that, i did some cooking, aaaaannd…. it was a long, slow week as far as the work goes. i still have a bit of lingering trunkieness from last change, and in my efforts to make it go away, to focus in and help people come unto the savior and see miracles and all of that beautiful and wonderful stuff that happens on the mission, it´s been hard. and slow. we spent all day yesterday knocking doors, trying to meet new investigators. because it was uruguayan mother´s day, nobody let us in. it was long. and slow. and unsatisfying.

so i keep thinking of all the beautiful and wonderful things i´ve seen out here, and keep on. a lot of the people we met yesterday were cool and told us to come back when it wasn´t mothers day, so… who knows? maybe in the next few days things will start to develop into miracles. that would sure be nice.

it´s just different not being the innocent junior comp anymore. my comp only has one change less in the mission than i do, so we´re pretty much equals, but… i just feel way more responsible and a lot crappier when people don´t let us in or listen to us now. i mean, i know, fundamentally, when they reject us, they reject the message and it´s not our fault, but still. being jr. comp was fun.

oh, and they changed the mission address AGAIN. same street and everything, but the number is now, 1167. hopefully this is the last time? if other stuff has already been sent to other addresses, it should probably show up anyway, so no worries there.

sometimes i wonder if this isn´t really my gallbladder, and more like my liver. but heck. i still have 6 months until i´ll really find out. on the bright side, i have been feeling better in the last week, so that´s good. i think they looked at everything back in november when i saw the dr. but i didn´t understand everything they told me, so i´m not super sure.

so yeah. you all are in my prayers all the time. i love you and i miss you, family!!


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