One Year!

24 May


this was good. along with being my official one year mark week, i´m now in montevideo, having just picked up another new… well, kind of new… compie.


we had to have an emergency change cuz there was a creepy ward mission leader in her area that, uh, reeeaaalllyy liked her, aaannddd noooowwwww….

president put us together again!!!!!!!

hermana linn is cool though. i will miss her lots.

i´m way excited. i kept praying for a way to be able to get to the temple sometime soon, and the only way to do that is to have a convert who´s taking out their endowment. it takes a year for a convert to be able to get that reccommend, and although i just completed a year, i was sort of in the mtc and not having converts at this time last year.

and hermana moreno has converts!! we´re going to the temple!!

also, another big, long, prayer was answered.

on thursday, i got to feeling even sicker. now EVERYTHING i eat hurts. like, water crackers and water hurt. i got fed up to the extreme that i mustered the nerve to give calling president another whirl.

he may have fallen and hit his head since november. it was weird. he was like, really nice. and concerned. and helpful.

he had me call the new mission doctor who came in since november who is also, joyously, nice and concerned and helpful. the nice and concerned and helpful doctor, after i explained the party through which i have been enduring for like, 7 months, told me that i should definitely get in with a specialist in guts. i get in this week.

i am really excited to get this figured out. i just hope they can find whatever it is. the only unexciting part is that i get to endure another ultrasound, which, is totally not fun. they´re super painful.

but yeah. over all? good week. i get to be comps with hermana moreno again!!!!

i´m hoping to be comps with her next change, too. then i would have spent almost half of my time in my mission in uruguay with her. so rad!!

and yeah. other than that, i realized this week that i have finally grown to love spanish. probably because i´ve finally grown to be able to speak it like i would like to. and my spanish will get even better with hermana moreno again!!!

it´s weird to me that i have been working on spanish for a year now. that i haven´t been in utah with all yall people i love for a year now. it´s weird to imagine that i have been a missionary for a year now.

and i think i will be weird when i get home. now i feel like this whole long skirt and turtle neck look IS me. it´ll be weird to try to be normal again.

so yeah, the trunkiness definitely came to a quick close after that email i sent last week. so whoever was praying for me, the prayer was answered fast. thank you so much, whoever you are.

so many cool little miracles have happened this week. with people we´ve met, with my personal missionary life, all of it. it was a long and hard week with lots of rain and slammed doors, but i learned a lot. and even though i ended up with the most horrible numbers ever, at least i went to bed at night knowing that i tried hard, even though my guts hurt really bad.

i´ve really grown to love uruguay. the delis wherein men don´t wash their hands between handling raw garage-made sausage and cutting your muzzarella cheese. the wild dogs. the beautiful sunsets.

and the people. i´m finally starting to feel like i fit in around here. i´m not just a german-looking gringa in a nametag.

thanks so much for the package! and the love! i´m excited to see you when that coming home day does come. about the cell phone, i am down with keeping what we had. i mean, it doesn´t really matter, cuz i don´t have my sights set on any particularly fancy phones, anyway.

i love mom!

i love dan!

i love christine!

i love marshall!!

and i love everybody else, too.

un Ano!  (one year!)

Hermana Linn!


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