31 May


hna moreno and i are serving in salto. i just had to go to montevideo to pick ´er up last week.

and man. it´s been such a wonderful week! the Lord is blessin´ me big time. first off, although i haven´t gotten to the doctor yet, (my appointment is on the tenth), my compy helped me figured out a LARGE portion of the reason i´m skinny and tired and felt half dead after walking 30 yards. i´ve been anemic. she took one look at me, and said, ´you´re anemic´. and i was like, ´really?´ so we went to our very friendly local pharmacist and bought some iron pills, and he gave me instructions in irony things to eat, and i feel a LOT better!! i have energy again!

i took a couple of days to rest, and we were blessed by a local girl who was willing to go out with my comp as i slept a bit in a member´s house, and those two got some really good things done. like, met someone who is going to be baptised. so the work is going strong, and i got to recooperate a bit.

i mean, it makes perfect sense. i hadn´t been eating like, anything good since, well, i got here. and especially not being able to eat the greasy beef because of my gallbladder/liver/appendix/whateverihavenoidea, of course i got anemic. that also explains why i was craving beef jerky. and prunes. i don´t thing i ever even ate prunes before i came out here. in fact, i am pretty sure i didn´t.

so yeah. me and hermana moreno are having a grand old time. when we did get to go out and teach together this week, it was just like the good old days. we saw lots of miracles.

i´m so happy!!

other than that, i gave a talk on charity and love this week that i think came out pretty good. this ward is pretty cold and unfriendly, which is why i chose the topic. i hope it, in some way, helped.

uuuuuuuuhh, so yeah. that´s about it. the church is true! Heavenly Father loves us, listens to and answers our prayers, and blesses much as we let Him through our worthiness and obedience.

i love the mission.

and i love you mom and family!!! hi marshall!!! i send a hug.


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