We lost.

13 Jul

we lost.

que porquería.

oh well, it was super fun while it lasted, and holland didn´t take the cup, so over all, i´m still happy. although after this experience, i have decided that watching sports is only worth it when your team wins. when they don´t win, it´s extremely painful. (did i mention that this game watching i have been doing is authorized by the mission prez? cuz it is).

on the big game day, we went to a local family´s house, and painted uruguay flags on our faces, while the 12 year old daughter sold fireworks to her neighbors to take advantage of the situation. and man, those fireworks are dangerous! they´re like, huge, stadium fireworks, that they fire off HOLDING THEM IN THEIR HANDS!! so dangerous!

speaking of dangerous, i tried to buy raw chicken again this week. it came home rotten. grossed out and offended, i am not buying any more chicken in the next 3.5 months.

i go home in 3.5 months. so weird! i felt like the mission WAS life. now i have to go be a person again? weird. so weird. but if life must go on, i am going to be happy about it. but until then i´m going to keep enjoying this.

the work this week went well. our investigator came to church, and all of the less active families we visited came, too. we had a good turn out, which is very fulfilling. i love being a missionary and teaching the gospel of happiness. and it really is. the gospel is the best thing that could ever happen to me. and all of the other children of God on this green earth.

but yeah. other than that, the week was pretty chill. i still love bellydancing, and was thinking about joining a group when i get back. that is, if there´s one that will let me come and dance and not perform in front of anyone ever. we´ll have to see.

on the topic of bellies, my stomach has been a lot, lot, LOT happier. i feel great, as long as i strictly follow my diet. i have my energy back, and everything!

buuuuuut yeah. what else? not much. i´m just missionarying around over here, reading my scriptures and preaching the good word. that´s all.

i love you mom, and you are in my prayers. good luck in your classes! i love and pray for you, too, my siblings!

enrique came to church again! this time in a tie! the next time he comes to church, he will get baptised! yay for enrique!

this is my new favorite local family. this grandma is a hoot

me and a niña, getting ready to face paint.

this is la judy. she loves her country!

me and  hna moreno loving this country.

judy and I love this country.


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