I Love the Temple!

20 Jul

dear mom!

this week, we went to the temple! to accompany another one of hna moreno´s converts to receive her endowment!

this is Frida. she´s a great old lady. she talks NON STOP. and we shared our hostel room with her. lucky for me, she has a really sweetly toned voice, so when i stopped paying attention to what she was saying, which was most of the time, it was like listening to song birds chirp. and chirp, and chirp. i really like Frida, though. she has a really great experience taking her endowment out, and i am really grateful to have been able to share that experience with her. i hope i get transferred to fray bentos this coming change. i´d like to finish my mission there with her and all of the other good people there.

i love the temple. i love what you wrote me about the temple, mom. one of the first things i want to do when i get back is go to the temple with you.

i love and miss and pray for you a lot, family! i know the Lord is aware of and loves all of you, and taking very good care of you.

here´s us looking like really united companions with the flowers.

this is yoselin. she is the coolest teenager in montevideo. she did divisions with us when we served in montevideo last october.

so yeah. another great temple trip. i´m really grateful for all the blessings the Lord always gives me. I´ve been really blessed to get to go to the temple so many times in my mission. and i´ve been able to learn so much, and feel such a good spirit in going there. i love the temple.

i want to visit all of the temples in utah. after october, i will begin working to acheive this goal.

in other news, it has been REALLY really rreeeeeeeaaaalllllyyy cold here, and i lost 3 pairs of my thermal underwear. which is hard, but i think it´ll only be cold for another month and i´ll be okay.

i love you! i´m glad the garden is going good. i would love to have your extra 25 degrees. it is miserably cold here. oh well. pioneers walked miles in weather colder than this. although they did have thermal underwear.

but yeah. i am alive, and this week was good, and i love you, mom!!!


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