26 Jul


this week was good. chill. we taught some good lessons, found out that my hna moreno probably has kidney stones, did divisions with my favorite local teenager, estercita, who sends us funny texts in english, went to district meeting, went to church, visited enrique, and had a really nice family home evening with my favorite local family. the mom, norma, is an awesome seamstress who was cool enough to make me three reeaaaally nice winter skirts that i´m gonna wear when i get home. she made them with so much love. she went out of her way to find coordinating buttons and zippers… and i still haven´t been able to convince her to let me pay her. she also went out of her way to get a hold of a cd of the uruguayan soundtrack for the world cup for me to take home as a souvineer. my comp and i love these songs. they´re funny, cuz they´re soccer fight songs, but because uruguay is such a chill country, they´re more just like… gaucho folk music. aww, norma. she´s rad. and she´s starting to go to church again, too!

this morning, we went over to their house to borrow their oven, so hna moreno could make me a little bit of arabic food. it´s only fair after all the gringa food i´ve made her in these 9 months we´ve been together. when we called to ask if we could come over, they agreed, and when we got there, the grandma, etelvina, had made her own lunch just in case the arabic food involved all sorts of weird creatures that were not interesting for her to eat. but etelvina loved the food! and so did norma and her daughter melania! and i did, too!

but after 14 months of not eating arabic food, the spices hit me hard and made my face turn bright red. my guts don´t hurt, but my face is red. am i going to have to eat baby food for the rest of my life??? i hope not. but overall, the guts are behaving well.

we had interviews with the president this week, and he pretty much told me he´s planning on having me train one of the new gringas who´ll show up next week. which´ll be fun, i think.

but then it really got me thinking… analyzing my current lifestyle…oh, mom, i am so glad you cannot see the way in which i live! i got to imagining how i´m gonna look to a gringa with a fresh from the states perspective…she´s gonna think her trainer is a cavewoman. the house is always filthy. it came that way, and despite all the mopping one could do, it is filthy still. i eat a local quince jelly with crappy, not that good tasting crackers, and the local coffee imitation stuff cuz it´s hot and cheap and has flavor for breakfast. i have also taken to using the bidet, because toilet paper is expensive. i don´t really even remember how to cook without using bell peppers. i´m like…. uruguayan. the poor little sweetie´s gonna be confused by me.

oh well! i´ll live it up while i´m here. and then when i get home i will wash my sheets on a monthly basis again because it will be possible again. but it´ll be fun!

so anyway. like always, i love you a lot and pray for you lots, mom and family!!! keep all of your respective chins up! Heavenly Father loves you and me all of us and has lots of beautiful plans for us and our futures if we trust in Him. He knows all of our hearts deepest desires… things we likely cannot even put into words… and I can testify that he can makes these things real and ours if we let Him work withing our lives and hearts. The Lord´s power is limitless.

i love you!!!  i really cannot wait to see you in 3 months.

my Lebanese cook.

etelvina looks suspicious.

norma loves bichlavich.

melania really does like it.. she ate 5 of them. you just can´t tell by looking at her face.


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  1. Stephanye Gonzalez July 2, 2011 at 2:40 am #

    Oh wow, I have NO idea HOW I came across this page, but I did. One of my very good friends is serving in Montevideo right now! And Im thankful for your entries, though I haven’t read them all, because I will soon be serving a mission in Madrid, Spain and I’m so excited to acquire the same love for the Spanish people as you have with the people from Uruguay! How exciting! And you just sound so dang cool through your writing. Is this blog how you communicated with your mom? Anyway, very cool blog 🙂

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