8 Jun

me and hna moreno and veronica, a cool young single adult who moved up to salto from paysandu for college.




31 May


hna moreno and i are serving in salto. i just had to go to montevideo to pick ´er up last week.

and man. it´s been such a wonderful week! the Lord is blessin´ me big time. first off, although i haven´t gotten to the doctor yet, (my appointment is on the tenth), my compy helped me figured out a LARGE portion of the reason i´m skinny and tired and felt half dead after walking 30 yards. i´ve been anemic. she took one look at me, and said, ´you´re anemic´. and i was like, ´really?´ so we went to our very friendly local pharmacist and bought some iron pills, and he gave me instructions in irony things to eat, and i feel a LOT better!! i have energy again!

i took a couple of days to rest, and we were blessed by a local girl who was willing to go out with my comp as i slept a bit in a member´s house, and those two got some really good things done. like, met someone who is going to be baptised. so the work is going strong, and i got to recooperate a bit.

i mean, it makes perfect sense. i hadn´t been eating like, anything good since, well, i got here. and especially not being able to eat the greasy beef because of my gallbladder/liver/appendix/whateverihavenoidea, of course i got anemic. that also explains why i was craving beef jerky. and prunes. i don´t thing i ever even ate prunes before i came out here. in fact, i am pretty sure i didn´t.

so yeah. me and hermana moreno are having a grand old time. when we did get to go out and teach together this week, it was just like the good old days. we saw lots of miracles.

i´m so happy!!

other than that, i gave a talk on charity and love this week that i think came out pretty good. this ward is pretty cold and unfriendly, which is why i chose the topic. i hope it, in some way, helped.

uuuuuuuuhh, so yeah. that´s about it. the church is true! Heavenly Father loves us, listens to and answers our prayers, and blesses much as we let Him through our worthiness and obedience.

i love the mission.

and i love you mom and family!!! hi marshall!!! i send a hug.

One Year!

24 May


this was good. along with being my official one year mark week, i´m now in montevideo, having just picked up another new… well, kind of new… compie.


we had to have an emergency change cuz there was a creepy ward mission leader in her area that, uh, reeeaaalllyy liked her, aaannddd noooowwwww….

president put us together again!!!!!!!

hermana linn is cool though. i will miss her lots.

i´m way excited. i kept praying for a way to be able to get to the temple sometime soon, and the only way to do that is to have a convert who´s taking out their endowment. it takes a year for a convert to be able to get that reccommend, and although i just completed a year, i was sort of in the mtc and not having converts at this time last year.

and hermana moreno has converts!! we´re going to the temple!!

also, another big, long, prayer was answered.

on thursday, i got to feeling even sicker. now EVERYTHING i eat hurts. like, water crackers and water hurt. i got fed up to the extreme that i mustered the nerve to give calling president another whirl.

he may have fallen and hit his head since november. it was weird. he was like, really nice. and concerned. and helpful.

he had me call the new mission doctor who came in since november who is also, joyously, nice and concerned and helpful. the nice and concerned and helpful doctor, after i explained the party through which i have been enduring for like, 7 months, told me that i should definitely get in with a specialist in guts. i get in this week.

i am really excited to get this figured out. i just hope they can find whatever it is. the only unexciting part is that i get to endure another ultrasound, which, is totally not fun. they´re super painful.

but yeah. over all? good week. i get to be comps with hermana moreno again!!!!

i´m hoping to be comps with her next change, too. then i would have spent almost half of my time in my mission in uruguay with her. so rad!!

and yeah. other than that, i realized this week that i have finally grown to love spanish. probably because i´ve finally grown to be able to speak it like i would like to. and my spanish will get even better with hermana moreno again!!!

it´s weird to me that i have been working on spanish for a year now. that i haven´t been in utah with all yall people i love for a year now. it´s weird to imagine that i have been a missionary for a year now.

and i think i will be weird when i get home. now i feel like this whole long skirt and turtle neck look IS me. it´ll be weird to try to be normal again.

so yeah, the trunkiness definitely came to a quick close after that email i sent last week. so whoever was praying for me, the prayer was answered fast. thank you so much, whoever you are.

so many cool little miracles have happened this week. with people we´ve met, with my personal missionary life, all of it. it was a long and hard week with lots of rain and slammed doors, but i learned a lot. and even though i ended up with the most horrible numbers ever, at least i went to bed at night knowing that i tried hard, even though my guts hurt really bad.

i´ve really grown to love uruguay. the delis wherein men don´t wash their hands between handling raw garage-made sausage and cutting your muzzarella cheese. the wild dogs. the beautiful sunsets.

and the people. i´m finally starting to feel like i fit in around here. i´m not just a german-looking gringa in a nametag.

thanks so much for the package! and the love! i´m excited to see you when that coming home day does come. about the cell phone, i am down with keeping what we had. i mean, it doesn´t really matter, cuz i don´t have my sights set on any particularly fancy phones, anyway.

i love mom!

i love dan!

i love christine!

i love marshall!!

and i love everybody else, too.

un Ano!  (one year!)

Hermana Linn!

Yet ANOTHER New Address!

18 May


this week was good. i got my new compie. i like her. she is super cool. except, she really, really loves dogs. i´ve never particularly liked dogs, excluding a select few neighbor dogs from childhood. i especially don´t feel inclined to get friendly with THESE local dogs, cuz they´re all unbathed and disease-ridden, whether they are street dogs or not. but this comp just has a huge heart, and she suffers all local doggies to come unto her. which is weird for me, because every time i am in the thought process of, ´ignore this dog, and it will go away. ignore it, and it WILL go away. happy thoughts, happy thoughts…¨ she begins to whistle and call the very same dogs over to crawl all over her. but this is good. i should probably develop more charity toward dog-kind. so this should help. by the end of this, i should be a straight-up lover of stateside, groomed, and worm-free dogs.

other than that, i did some cooking, aaaaannd…. it was a long, slow week as far as the work goes. i still have a bit of lingering trunkieness from last change, and in my efforts to make it go away, to focus in and help people come unto the savior and see miracles and all of that beautiful and wonderful stuff that happens on the mission, it´s been hard. and slow. we spent all day yesterday knocking doors, trying to meet new investigators. because it was uruguayan mother´s day, nobody let us in. it was long. and slow. and unsatisfying.

so i keep thinking of all the beautiful and wonderful things i´ve seen out here, and keep on. a lot of the people we met yesterday were cool and told us to come back when it wasn´t mothers day, so… who knows? maybe in the next few days things will start to develop into miracles. that would sure be nice.

it´s just different not being the innocent junior comp anymore. my comp only has one change less in the mission than i do, so we´re pretty much equals, but… i just feel way more responsible and a lot crappier when people don´t let us in or listen to us now. i mean, i know, fundamentally, when they reject us, they reject the message and it´s not our fault, but still. being jr. comp was fun.

oh, and they changed the mission address AGAIN. same street and everything, but the number is now, 1167. hopefully this is the last time? if other stuff has already been sent to other addresses, it should probably show up anyway, so no worries there.

sometimes i wonder if this isn´t really my gallbladder, and more like my liver. but heck. i still have 6 months until i´ll really find out. on the bright side, i have been feeling better in the last week, so that´s good. i think they looked at everything back in november when i saw the dr. but i didn´t understand everything they told me, so i´m not super sure.

so yeah. you all are in my prayers all the time. i love you and i miss you, family!!


11 May

transfers are in my favor this change! i get to stay in my house that i already decorated with lots of pictures, with a companion that i already know, who is super rad. i am way excited. it´s gonna be a really good change.

and other than that, i´m just uh… getting by… with this uruguayan teenager i have to hang out with in the absence of my companion.

she´s like, a radio show. the first morning, as i was trying to study, she came in and started talking to me. that sort of word vomit talking, where all the disinterested body language in the world wouldn´t stop her. she told me all about this guy she is in love with….. who turns out to be my current zone leader…. and commenced reading me the love poetry she wrote for him, and, a few times, got so carried away that she burst into singing love songs. she also enjoys taking to the balcony to meditate her burning love for him when i finally just stop saying, ´mmmm-hmmm.´.

she has been at this for 3 days straight.

and this morning, she PURPOSELY walked in on me while i was showering.

man. i was even ready to forgive her for wearing really strong old lady perfume.

and i really am trying hard to like her.

…but would it be a sin for me to ditch her until my real comp shows up? she´s just kind of got the charm of a mosquito buzzing in my ear.

on the bright side, she is full of excitement to meet people and teach them. which is good, cuz that is what we need to be doing around here anyway.

it was nice to get to go to my old area on sunday and see how the tiny little things my comp and i helped with have grown into big miracles. like that jw whose fruit tree i climbed? not only did she get baptized, but she is releif society prez! the cool family we met right before i left? i got to see the dad get the melchizedek priesthood! it was super encouraging.

uuuuuuuuuhh, and yeah. that´s pretty much it. and i am super excited about my new comp.

and it was super, super nice to get to talk to you, mom and brothers!

i love you! bye!!

ps- i was thinking about thanksgiving, and even if my guts are still killing me, i will be able to eat the turkey and gravy and stuffing and cranberries and rolls. so, it´s TOTALLY still worth it.

this is me, just bein´ the hipster sister that i am.

this is me and my favorite abuelita beba!!! i got to see her on sunday!

my uruguayan teenager loves playing with my camera. this is me, sitting down in the street cuz i´m tired.


New New Address

4 May

They changed Allison’s mission address again.  It is now:

Hermana Allison Roach
1175 enrique martínez
montevideo, uruguay
c.p. 11.600

Thanks for all of your love and support!


3 May

dearest mom,

so. this week, we had that hermanas conference. it was great. we traveled all night to get to montevideo, and when we got there, we sat down to a big, long, meeting.

the hermana started the meeting saying, ´this is not a CONFERENCE, this is a CAPACITATION. a training meeting. we will touch on important, hermana-specific training in our time here.

she then introduced a friend of hers who had flown out to montevideo to visit. she was very carefully dressed, in an array of orange and brown hues with lots of gold jewelery.

i then noticed 4 piles of scarves on the back table, each one labled with a season.

and i thought, oh boyª!!! we are getting DRAPED!!

and so we were. all of us.

turns out i am a summer.

and this knowledge, i have discovered in the past few days, has DEFINITELY made me a much more efficient missionary.

haha. ah, man. i love the never ending huge emphasis they put on how pretty we hermanas are. it´s not like we work with the spirit out here. oh no.

it´s all about having the perfect white and navy blue scarf that´ll make my eyes dance. that´s what´ll soften the hearts of the uruguayan children of God.

but i did get a rad white and navy blue plaid scarf for free out of it… similar to one i almost bought before the mission. so i guess i can´t complain.

then we actually did have a super inspiring talk from the temple president´s wife, and we sang a song about motherhood that made me bawl. so all in all, the trip was worth it. free scarf, good talks.

i also got to sing a RAD churchy pop song for the talent show portion. you know, the kind that starts slow, then gets all passionate in the middle and then calms down at the end. it was really fun. i would never have chosen to sing a song like that as a normal person, but on the mission, it was actually pretty fulfilling. shoot, it just felt nice to sing like, a singer song again. one that uses more of my range and blah blah blah (my poor comp got earfuls about singing technique this week).

so yeah. other than that, my life in uruguay came full circle at church yesterday when a nice old man offered to feed us lunch soon because i´m too skinny. YES!! the fat comments changed to skinny comments!!!!! i almost hugged the man.

ok, not that i really care that much about the fat or skinny thing, but it´s nice to hear for once in my south american life.

i mostly have lost weight just cuz it makes life easier on my poor gallbladder.

anyway. YES, it´s gonna be mothers day. unfortunately, cuz of my comp´s parents coming to get her situation and blahblahblah, i have no idea where i will be on sunday, so giving you calling info as of right now is pretty much impossible.

so, when i get it figured out, i will just call your cell phone really fast and tell you what number to call on mothers day. i will try to let you know on saturday.

i am super excited to talk to you!!!!!

uh, what else?

i think that´s it. other than that, having a comp going home like this has kind of become trunkyfest 2010. it´s been super hard to keep focused. i keep on forgetting that i still have six months out here.

but that´s ok. i will get back into the groove next change, i am sure. especially cuz i´ll probably be senior comp and all responsible and stuff.

tell teenie and marsh that they are both still super in my prayers. and i hope they´re praying for me, too.  oh, and Rock on Dan!!!!!!!!!!!

i love you mom and siblings! i´ll talk to you on sunday!

i recommend ether 12 again this week. also, alma 37.

and, the whole book of mormon. an hermano in his testimony yesterday described the book of mormon as a love letter from heavenly father.

i really liked that. that´s really what it is. if you want to feel his love for you, all you have to do is read it. and pray. with faith.

this me and hna moreno!

this is me, being draped. this is my ´color´. hahaha.



this is my wild birthday night. the cheesecake you sent me is on fire!!!!

it was so delicious. no bake cheesecakes will ALWAYS be well received down here in these parts. thank you so much!